De-Escalation Techniques for Diffusing a Tense Situation

de-escalation techniquesMost tense situations involving an irate person can be diffused before the incident gets physical. Even with onsite security, you or your staff may have to calm a situation before security personnel arrive at the scene. Here are some of the de-escalation techniques professional security and law enforcement teams use.

Listen Intently

Angry people want to vent and be heard. Provide a listening ear to understand the person’s source of frustration. To de-escalate the situation be an active listener and only interject when you need clarification.


To resolve conflict, listen and apologize even if you believe the angry person is unreasonable. This isn’t about right and wrong; it’s about resolving conflict peacefully. A violent confrontation isn’t worth standing your ground by insisting that you are right. Remember, angry people earnestly believe they have a legitimate grievance even if others may not think so. Continue Reading →

Parking Garage Security: How to Minimize Suspicious Activity

parking garage security, garage security, parking securityAccording to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 11% of property crimes occur in public parking garages. Parking lots have fewer attendants these days due to automation, such as ticket-dispensing kiosks. This makes parking garage security all the more important for civilian safety and the prevention of car break-ins.

1. Emergency Stations

Install emergency stations throughout the garage. These are wall-mounted buttons that patrons can press for immediate assistance from security personnel. This is far more expedient than phoning for help on a mobile phone. The heavy concrete walls may interfere with reception on personal devices.

2. Video Surveillance

With real-time security footage, security personnel can spot suspicious activity remotely and be on the premises within seconds. Install cameras near entries/exits, pay stations, stairwells, and elevators. Cameras serve as a deterrent, so make sure they are highly visible. As an added measure, include signs announcing that the premises are monitored 24/7. Continue Reading →

How to Prevent Construction Site Theft

construction site theftThe retail sector isn’t the only industry susceptible to theft. The construction industry is also at risk. Expensive equipment and tools are vulnerable to theft and can sell for a handsome price in the black market. Here’s how to prevent construction site theft.

Consequences of Construction Site Theft

Construction site theft accounts for about $1 billion in financial loss every year in the industry. The figure has increased every year since 1996. Aside from the loss of equipment and the cost of replacement, companies may also have to rent in the interim. Stolen equipment may also result in downtime in the work zone, leading to further financial losses. In addition, if the stolen equipment is insured, this could result in higher premiums. Continue Reading →

Summer Break-Ins: Why Do Burglaries Spike During This Season?

Carlsbad Summer Break-InsAccording to FBI statistics, burglaries increase by about 10% during the months of June, July, and August. Why are summer break-ins so common? For apartment owners and Homeowner’s Association managers, what can they do to protect their community?

Why Summer is Burglary Season

So why ARE break-ins more common in summer?  The cause can’t be pinpointed to a single factor; multiple variables are at work. For one, school is out, which means teens have more free time.  For some teens, this means mischief.

Another reason is that more families are on vacation, spending extended time away from home. The majority of burglars actively scout for unoccupied homes. Piling mail and other signs are indicators of a vacant residence. Continue Reading →

What to Do After a Storage Facility Break-In

Squadron Protective ServicesFor storage facility owners, safeguarding customers’ belongings is their first and foremost priority. Nevertheless, even with cameras and barbed wired fences, storage facility break-ins can still occur. Should a burglary take place at your facility, you’ll need to take swift action.

Follow Procedure

Your company should have a standard operating procedure in place should a break-in occur. Aside from the obvious like calling the police, you also need to notify tenants whose storage was broken into. They’ll need to file an incident report even if nothing was taken. They should also be taken through the process for filing an insurance claim.

Consider Notifying All Tenants

Many commercial facilities only notify tenants whose storage was targeted. For transparency purposes, though, you may choose to inform every tenant. This can be via email or traditional mail with details of the account and recommendations on how they can better protect their stored possessions (e.g. cut-proof locks, locks with un-duplicable keys). If you don’t notify tenants and they find out, it can harm your company’s reputation. Continue Reading →

Secure Your Home from Halloween Vandalism

Squadron Protective ServicesHalloween is one of the most favored holidays, second perhaps only to Christmas. While this is a time for dress-ups, parties and trick-or-treating, Oct 31st is also associated with a spike in crime. Juveniles, clad in their costumes/disguise, may use the opportunity to target homes and businesses for vandalism. Sometimes, the damage is negligible, such as a door getting egged or toilet paper getting strewn over the property. Other times, the damage is severe and warrants a police investigation. Prevent Halloween vandalism this year by following a few protective security measures.

Keep Your Property Well-Lit on Halloween Night

Your home should be well-lit even if you’re not home or don’t plan on giving out candy. Dark areas make it easier for mischief makers to carry out their bidding under the cover of night. If you’re wary of keeping the porch light on for hours on end, then install motion flood sensor lights.

Give Out Candy on Your Driveway

Give out treats by the edge of your property as opposed to your doorway. This gives you an open view of people around your property and prevents vandals from committing a “destroy-and-run” act, such as knocking over your mailbox with a baseball bat or throwing a brick through your window and quickly fleeing the scene. Continue Reading →

College Campus Security for Student Safety

Squadron Protective ServicesAccording to Daily Beast, aggravated assault committed on college campuses has dropped 8%. Other crimes like car theft and robberies have dropped by 24% and 7% respectively, between 2006 and 2008. Experts believe the decline is due to the increased presence of campus security personnel patrolling school grounds. On-site security has proven to be an effective deterrent for preventing crimes of opportunity.

Make Your School Safer with Campus Security

While school security can’t be everywhere at once, just having them around provides a safer environment by preventing the following from becoming prevalent: Continue Reading →

Retail Mall Security

Hiring Retail Mall Security in Oceanside & Carlsbad

Retail Mall Security Guard | Carlsbad, Oceanside, EscondidoSouthern California is a retail Mecca, and North San Diego County sees it’s fair share of shopaholics. Unfortunately, shoplifting is also common and the losses cost some companies a lot of money. Loss prevention strategies are essential to protecting you profitability, but how do you know which security company to hire? Here are three tips on how to choose the best retail mall security guard company:

Retail Mall Security should be Well-Trained

At a retail mall, shoppers are out to have a good time. However, malls are also a popular target for robbery, vandalism and car theft. Security guards should be state trained and certified is the detection and prevention of crime. A well-trained mall security guard will be able to help prevent employee or vendor theft, shoplifting, vandalism and break-ins.

Retail Mall Security should be Experienced

Experience is the key difference between an average security guard and a great one. Years of experience as a security guard allow for the wisdom and discernment necessary for retail mall security. Look for Law Enforcement of American Military experience, as these organizations offer a wealth of thorough and relevant experience that enhance the effectiveness of a security guard’s services.

The Security Guard Company should Verify their Services

One of the worst things to think of is getting robbed by the people who are supposed to protect you. But when security guards don’t show up and don’t do their job as agreed, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Retail Mall Security Guard | Carlsbad, Oceanside, EscondidoMake sure your security investment is protected. Insist that your security guard company offer verified services through a computerized system. This electronic record keeping let’s you know you’re getting exactly what you pay for and shows incident reports so you can keep an eye on what’s been going on. Ask the security guard company you’re considering if they offer verified security guard services.

If you’re looking for well-trained, highly experienced retail mall security in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos or Escondido, consider Squadron Protective Services. They’ve specialized in retail mall security for over a decade. Their security guards are state trained and certified, and most are active or retired military or law enforcement officers. We offer Verified Services through a computerized system for your protection. Call Squadron Protective Services at (760) 742-5209 or request a free quote today; and don’t forget to save money on retail mall security guard services with our special offers.

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