What To Look For When Hiring An Executive Protection Agent

Do you know that hiring bodyguards for your safety can reduce heinous crimes? And yes, the security industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of $263 billion in 2024.

The current era is about rising illicit activities. Peace of mind indeed comes with the highest level of protection that empowers our lives. Luckily, people have started going the extra mile by ensuring their family, property, or business under strict vigilance. The executive protection agent not just identifies security threats beforehand but also implements the required security measures.

Executive Protection Agent

But before you entrust a bodyguard, you should know if they are worth it. In this blog, we will be discussing the skillset you need to look for in an executive protection agent.

1.   Exceptional Defensive Skills

People these days are exploring new ways to protect their fundamental rights and interests from serious risks and dangers. For example, if you’re a politician or a celebrity, protecting your environs is extremely challenging. People despise you because of your strong influence on their lives and society. In most cases, it is the reason for hatred that ignites people to get out of control and try to harm others in any way possible.

An executive protection agent would quickly deal with these issues with exceptional defensive skills such as martial arts and hand-to-hand combat to deter criminal attacks instantly. They know precisely how to respond to any situation without stumbling for instructions. Because of their quick-witted qualities, it’s easier for them to save lives, assets, and properties.

2.   Rigorous Surveillance

In recent times, surveillance is an excellent way to stop criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, felony, etc. An effective way to curb this menace is to monitor each premise of a facility with the help of executive agents. Having a unique ability to carry out patrolling on the client’s accessible sites reduces the risk of targeted attacks.

They often coordinate with undercover detectives to prevent theft by consumers or staff and assist in the arrest of suspects before the police arrive. In addition, keeping a close eye on the parking lots and other massive locations ensures that the property is safe.

Being an executive protection agent is tough, but they can handle any situation with problem-solving skills and critical thinking. For example, if the agent notices intruders, he will swiftly notify the concerned authorities for further legal action. This way, when you are on your business premises, you will have peace of mind knowing that someone is watching all of the cameras and other activities around the clock.

3.   Excellent Communication Skills

Communication skills are becoming increasingly crucial in our modern society. That is why a strong communicator is imperative in all spheres of business. Of course, this is true in the security world, in which executive agents often experience terrible situations. However, with poor communication skills, it becomes dangerous to tackle incidents carefully with broken speech.

Security officers need to deliver effectively with everyone they meet regularly. So, for example, if they notice someone dubious, they will communicate with them without causing any disruption or fear on the premises.

In certain instances, when working in a team, security agents need to communicate with each other, raising their productivity by almost 25%. This is obvious, particularly during the undercover mission. They need to read the facial expressions, gestures, and body language of each other.

Hiring Bodyguard Service

Also, the customers feel more content if you speak in a calm, confident, yet kind tone of voice. It is especially vital when dealing with upset customers. The capacity to communicate with others and grasp their opinions can help solve even the most challenging problems.

4.   Good Customer Service Experience

An executive guard is liable for the safety and the protection of the customers, whether politician, celebrity or ordinary person. So they need to be helpful to everyone else around them because they are the first line of defense capable of saving people’s lives.

For example, in the case of VIP security, if there are massive riots or protests, the entire team will prepare beforehand to make a strategic gateway with no disruption. With these specialized security protective services, executive guards are personally liable for protecting a particular person regardless of the protestors’ time, place, or route.

A vital part of the security firm’s prestige is to offer the best services to the customers all the time. Interacting with them and solving their security issues is a great way to retain them for the long run. In fact, 68% of customers believe that exceptional customer service results from courteous customer care service.

VIP security

5.   Remarkable Handling of Firearms

The presence of firearms is insufficient in the midst of terrible situations because they can be deadly most of the time. Fortunately, executive agents can handle these situations by continuously focusing on the prevention of unexpected flammable incidents.

First and foremost, the executive officers regularly inspect rooms, facilities, and premises. For example, if fire arises, they have sufficient expertise and experience in dealing with equipment that is more prone to catching fire. Also, with knowledge and experience, they can keep people calm, ensuring that everything goes well without panic.

As an instant solution, they will rescue the building’s residents and help them carefully exit the building. They address other potential risks such as unanticipated equipment failures swiftly to ensure fire safety. After everything gets under control, they give basic details to the concerned fire-fights about the entire case for further investigation.

Executive Protection Agent is a One-Stop Solution for all your Security Concerns

The need to safeguard people and their properties has long prevailed in our society. And the security services sector has reached a market size of $48.1 billion in 2021. But, for now, it has become crucial as the level of threats and attacks is rising at its peak.

The executive protection agents secure the firms, institutions, and people and secure the data and assets. To find a reliable and licensed agent, contact Squadron Protective Services at 760-579-7631. They have world-class first-line defense officers to deter unauthorized activities and counter them with high intellectuals. Witness what they have for you. And never stop protecting yourself because life is priceless!

Executive Protection Agent for your Special Needs

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Theft Preventions for Auto Dealerships: Role of Car Dealership Security Guard

Do you know that in 2018, 65% of auto dealers failed to monitor their safety systems constantly? The issue is evident due to the absence of the Car Dealership Security Guard in the vicinity.

In recent years, people have seen a vital rise in the automotive market. In contrast to other businesses, it is rapidly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. But, sadly, over the years, criminals have targeted auto dealerships all around the world.

That is why, security and monitoring of employees and customers, auto dealerships, unlike other sectors, confront various hurdles. In every 40.9 seconds, the crime of auto theft is constantly rising in the United States. As a result, there is an increased hype for the Car Dealership Security Patrol Services in today’s era. Of course, almost every dealership firm needs effective preventive measures around the clock.

Car Dealership Security Guard

If you work in the automotive industry, then this blog can assist you better in safeguarding your significant dealership assets.

1. Enforcement of Strict Vigilance in Inventory

The inclusion of a monitoring security system dramatically improves the reliability of the inventory in the automotive industry. Sadly, these CCTV cameras can only enhance vigilance without taking prompt action against the theft. However, knowing what is happening in the inventory is crucial for effective vehicle monitoring and evaluation.

The security guard team’s mere presence helps notify the concerned authorities when they notice anything suspicious. In addition, deploying advanced locks on doors protecting storage rooms decreases the risk of internal theft and break-ins.

For example, Amazon offers several electronic devices, enabling remote monitoring of security systems. In addition, by using the perpetual inventory method, the security guards can keep the record of stock and inventory flow better.

Regular training and education of the employees are also practical to organize and label inventory. It entails that security officers are more cautious from the start to the end of the process to deter unauthorized actions.

2. Strategic Parking of Vehicles

Today, most criminals seek valuable parts of vehicles to sell them in the black market. For example, catalytic converters such as platinum worth $1,500 and rhodium at $6,400 an ounce are costly metals. Because of their rising worth, vehicles have become more prone to thievery.

To prevent this, a well-trained inspection team ensures the strategic position of automobiles. It is extremely vital for security and the prevention of theft. Most of the time, parking cars in the wrong direction can expose them to various criminal threats.

Security guards can set the angle of the parking spaces by circling the valuable cars in the center of the aisles. Although each vehicle needs safety, the expensive ones having valuable metal parts require strict vigilance and care. It entails progress by getting along with these sudden situational changes.

Strategic Parking of Vehicles

When parking each vehicle, the guards assure that the emergency brake is motionless with front wheels turning to the sides. In this way, towing cars can be greatly tough to move, holding them still in one place. From these tactics, it is clear that security guards’ can help you gain limitless benefits without any hassle.

3. Prevention from the Cyber Crimes

Cybercrime rates have surged rapidly in recent years as the auto industry has evolved. That is why, as per the report of the Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime has reached $6 trillion in 2021. Auto dealerships usually gather and maintain authentic and confidential details about their clients for the record.

The risk of a privacy violation to third parties remains a challenging issue. For example, hackers can easily access the dealership’s bank accounts and move funds out of the country using the controller’s username and password.

As an instant response to these data breaches, it is crucial to secure the client’s data besides the firm’s reputation. Since security guards are qualified and competent, they can devise a security breach plan to address this issue successfully. They will train employees and workers to use encrypted passwords regularly. By installing the patches very often, the network becomes resistant to spammers.

Further, there is a severe restriction on opening emails from unknown email addresses to avoid malware. Knowing these potential risks and applying preventive measures right away helps to ensure continual security options.

4. Maintenance of the Electronic System

Poor or dim lighting, particularly at night, can be hazardous to automobile locations. Mostly, thieves operate at night because most of the cameras are monochromatic and do not function adeptly at night. As a result, it is the most suitable time for the thieves to begin their illicit activity. To overcome this, install bright lights that shine well.

Another much more efficient tactic is to hire a Professional Car Dealership Security Guard. Fortunately, they can prevent unexpected breakdowns and electronic accidents instantly. In addition, regular maintenance and inspection of the entire electronic system ensure the safety of the security alarms and installed equipment.

Maintenance of the Electronic System

If asked, they can also build a barrier outside the parking lot, giving an extra hurdle for the trespassers. In addition, it will make driving the vehicles and getting along with them more complex.  As a result, security guards are beneficial to maintain the greatest levels of proactive positional understanding.

Conquer Global Automotive Market by Hiring Effective Car Dealership Security Guard

The automotive sector is rapidly making striking progress globally. Last year, the production of automobiles gave rise to almost 3.4 million in the United States. That is why today, it is the most prominent industry having strategic and developmental plans ahead of time.

Every dealer wants to get more cars off their showrooms and generate maximum revenue and growth. But many hurdles need a quick solution, such as auto theft, vandalism, and others. Based on these issues, you need to have constant protection for all the actions around you.

Hiring Squadron Protective Services for specialized Car Dealership Security Patrolling Services is good for safety and overall protection. These guards can put your mind at ease, ensuring that nothing can go wrong under their careful gaze. Also, they will assist you in developing customized safety strategies for your dealership. So give them a call today at (760) 891-5631 and learn more about their 24/7 patrolling services.

Pursue your ambitions by securing the automotive future!

Genuine Car Dealership Security Patrol Services

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How Security Companies Help Resolve Traffic Management Challenges

Do you know that the market for security protection services in the United States has reached a value of around $49.2 billion in 2020?

In our modern society, access to faster and efficient mobility has become more vital. People use a variety of transportation modes, and that has made long-distance commuting easier. But at the same time, it is now the primary cause of increased traffic on roads and streets. With the growing number of vehicles, traffic management security has become more crucial to maintaining people’s order and safety and preventing severe traffic conditions.

Traffic Management

If you meet traffic issues regularly, read this blog post to learn how security firms can better guide you during computing.

1. Enforcement of Existing Traffic Rules and Laws

Each person is liable for understanding and following the basic traffic rules and regulations while commuting. Obeying these rules is more effective in terms of traffic infringement and organization.

But unfortunately, people do not adhere to these guidelines as strictly as they ought to. As a result, it increases the chances of road accidents, serious injuries, vehicle damage, or even fatalities. Each year 1.3 million people die due to road traffic crashes. Such incidents occur due to the absence of failed traffic management security.

Traffic management security guards are experts in tackling various road issues promptly to overcome the higher risk of safety and security concerns. For example, they can easily detect people who ignore traffic signals, drive in the wrong direction, make improper turns, refuse to wear helmets, etc.

As security personnel, they can instruct the drivers to limit the speed and follow the traffic guidelines. In addition, the entire traffic team is responsible for monitoring the important aspects of traffic rules. These supervised practices of vigilance ensure the safety of people around the clock.

2. Mitigate the Risk of Traffic Congestion

In recent times, the automobile industry has been rapidly growing due to the increasing demand of the rising population globally. Undoubtedly, it is beneficial for people to cover long distances within a short period. However, although this innovation has a tremendous impact on our lives, it also leads to traffic congestion. Over the last 30 years, congestion has worsened day by day, with the average commuter spending 54 hours each year stuck in traffic. Notably, it is becoming the most non-productive activity faced by the people at the moment.

This issue emerges due to the growing number of vehicles on the roadway. Alongside malfunctioning vehicles, aggressive drivers, and sudden mishaps are the adverse effects of traffic infractions. As a result of improper congestion control, employed individuals, patients, and school-going children cannot reach their destinations.

Traffic Congestion

When patrolling, traffic guards monitor roads and highways; they can redirect traffic as required. They also use Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMs) software to handle traffic data across the city. It can help reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, providing a smooth and consistent traffic flow. Using road safety barriers, separating pedestrian crossings from roadways prevents heavy vehicles and small vehicles from entering the same lane.

3. Parking Locations and Restrictions

In urban areas and localities, finding a suitable parking spot is the most challenging task citizens face. Most of the time, drivers move in the wrong direction and often park the vehicle with inappropriate ground lines or parking signs. Either they are too fast, slow, or distracted by already occupied parking in the vicinity. Unfortunately, it is also the most common cause of parking lot accidents nowadays. That is why each year, more than 50,000 collisions occur in parking lots across the United States.

These days’ people are in such a rush that they park their cars on any side of the road, risking other drivers and pedestrians nearby. Doing so can potentially lead to chaos and the loss of precious lives all of a sudden.

Managing parking is although in control. Security guards can fix this problem by overseeing each vehicle. In addition, they can assist drivers in finding a parking lot that does not disturb other incoming vehicles.

If lawbreakers attempt to violate the law, the traffic guards have the authority to impose a severe penalty. Furthermore, as a part of security services, employing a constant presence of guards assures that vehicles are safe on the premises.

4. Preventing Drunken Drivers from Commuting

For many years, drunk driving has become an issue of discomfort that leads to a higher accident rate. Alcohol is indeed a leading factor in around 30% of road casualties.  Consuming alcohol while driving is unlawful in almost every country due to its severe outcomes. However, it can take precious lives in the blink of an eye.

No matter how little alcohol you consume, it can still distract your attention while driving. For example, the driver’s vision becomes obscure, speeding, inability to buckle one’s seatbelts, and drowsiness can be harmful. However, the driver himself does not get any injury most of the time, but pedestrians and nearby vehicles get in great danger.

Drunken Drivers

Having a vigilant traffic security guard patrolling around the roadside is a smart and safe decision. The apparent signs of sober drivers make it easier to pull over the vehicle on the safe side of the roadway.

If alcoholic drivers attempt to escape a collision that involves injury or death, the patrolling traffic guards will detain them instantly. Later, guards will hand them over to the concerned authorities for further legal actions. In this way, increased traffic guard checkpoints can significantly reduce the chances of multiple accidents.

The Best Security Protection Services Bring You Home Safely as your Guardian Angel!

The ease of traveling is one of the most basic needs of the modern era. People use a variety of modes to travel, including automobiles, subway stations, and bicycles, etc. Commuting is exciting, but safety and protection are also crucial to avoid serious injuries and road accidents. Due to the rising urbanization, vehicles on the road escalate traffic congestion and violate traffic rules and laws.

Transportation security is a major concern in countless cities worldwide. That is why traffic management security is an optimal solution to improve safety practices. All you need is to contact Squadron Protective Services for traffic controlling and managing facilities on the roads. They have a team of compliant and skilled security experts ready to tackle any extremity. Based on your specific needs about public safety, discuss more by getting in touch with them at (760)-891-5631.

Steer out of traffic and drive carefully!

Traffic Management Security Prevents the Chaos

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The Pitfalls Of Not Having Bank Security Guards In The Financial Sector

Do you know 8 out of 10 Americans believe that their financial data is not secured correctly? In such cases, banks’ financial security guards can be a saint to mitigate potential risks.

The financial sector of a country is an essential part of its economic growth and stability. A well-functioning finance system can lower the risk of manufacturing supplies and services. It has the potential to boost a country’s productive chain while also improving people’s living standards. Due to its pivotal significance in our society, it is imperative to protect the banking system from facing severe penalties due to security issues. It is not to deny that bank security guards can be helpful to ensure better security measures. In the finance industry, the absence of such security can lead to unsatisfactory banking services for the customers.

Bank Security Guard

This blog shares the role of financial institutions and the drawbacks of not employing security guards in the financial sector. Let’s start!

1. Loss of Customer’s Banking Credentials

In recent times, the protection of private data is becoming a rising concern among people of all ages. This is because the banking and financial systems hold a considerable amount of delicate information about their customers.

The security of clients’ assets, account details, biometric information, and credit ratings needs crucial protection because banks are responsible for strict surveillance. Currently, the most apparent cybercrime is identity theft, the most widespread outcome of data leakage, responsible for 65% of all cases globally.

For banks, cyberattacks are serious threats that can negatively impact the entire reputation of the banking system. Fortunately, countless security guard services offer regulatory and compliance requirements to prevent cyber attacks promptly. In addition, they can efficiently operate various software such as  Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and Robotic Processing Automation (RPAs/bots), etc. These applications help to maintain customers’ account authentication and organize the data promptly in the digital system.

It means that if your bank uses encryption and improved security measures to protect your information, the online mobile check deposits will also be protected. Implementing these security strategies can enhance customer retention to a great extent. As a result, people will become a patron of your bank for years, knowing that they can enter the bank without fear.

2. Inability to Secure Bank Premises

Banking institutions are always vulnerable to thefts and robberies all the time. These crimes have been rising for several years, with nearly 4,000 bank robberies reported in the United States in 2017. It is evident that banks have daily transactions, and only robust security in different premises can mitigate specific threats. Although recent innovations such as CCTV cameras and alarms are helpful to the bank, malicious actors can still hack the vigilant systems all of a sudden.

Secure Bank Premises

Hiring a professional security guard alongside deploying innovative monitoring systems is important to ensure the safety of money, valuables, bank staff, and account holders. The security guard can effortlessly escort the intruders and hostile customers without causing chaos or confusion in the banking area. They inspect all visitors through x-ray machines or walking on magnetometers before entering the bank. Also, visual checks are carried out utilizing smartphone checklists and receipt of each transaction.

3. Impotent of Responding to the Life-Threatening Emergency

Several life-threatening concerns are tied with banking systems that mostly go unnoticed. Bank robbery is considered the most violent crime, occurring much more frequently than theft. About 3,000–4,000 bank robberies occur every year. Robbers and thieves are well-armed and unafraid to commit any crime they find suitable during the heist. They abducted several individuals and encircled them with ammunition. In some instances, many precious lives are lost while those who survived got severe injuries.

When you are responsible for looking after people’s lives and assets, always prepare yourself ahead of time and put your safety precautions in order. First, identify threats by seeking help from the bank security guard services, thoroughly inspecting potential hazards. Their team is proficient enough to handle weapons and terrible situations before it gets complicated.

4. Unsafe Parking Lots

Each year, 50,000 incidents occur in the parking lots and garages due to a lack of security officers. It is not a shock, especially when everyone in a parking lot is a stranger. A violent criminal might easily fit in with the vacant parking lot as a sincere citizen.

The vast majority of bank parking lots are unsafe for common people’s valuables and money from thieves and burglars roaming around. Often, a simple theft can lead to a serious violent crime that can lead to casualties. It’s mainly a financial systems’ flaw that they fail to safeguard their clients’ lives.

One measure to secure the lots is patrolling the entrances and exit ways constantly. It can significantly reduce the risk of unknowing drivers turning in the wrong direction and swift the situation out of control. In addition, security guards can ensure that the place isn’t clustered with vehicles to ensure the visibility of suspicious people or activities.

Bank Security Guards are the Safe Haven to Financial Prosperity

Today, security solutions have become more effective than ever. Protection and safety is the fundamental right of every human. Several businesses are already entailing a reliable security system to protect their employees, clients, and confidential information from criminals. Financial institutions are even more prone to such emergence of risks with the potential to cause severe harm to the entire banking system in no time. As banking security concerns have increased for many years, the global market for private security services reached almost $240 billion in 2020.

A comprehensive security strategy is beneficial to tackle severe security challenges as quickly as possible. The deployment of bank security guards can keep a close eye on all of your institution’s information and details. It further protects from undesirable threats. When securing financial assets and people’s lives, hire well-trained security guards from Squadron Protective Services and explore all aspects of the banking system. For more advanced personalized security details, get on the line at (760) 891-5631.

Enhance your financial system as long as money matters!

 Mitigate Risks with a Reliable Bank Security Guard

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How Can Schools Improve Security & Encourage Education?

In 2019, almost 11.9% of students aged 12 to 18 in the US claimed that their schools deployed metal detectors as a safety precaution? Well, it is good, but not enough. So maybe a security company can be a better approach in 2021? Let’s explore!

Nowadays, the issue of school safety is getting more common worldwide and becoming a major concern for parents and teachers. Without safety measures, children’s academic performances are greatly affected, as per the research carried out by National Center for Biotechnology and Information (NCBI). Children’s well-being and a healthy environment can be severely disrupted if this continues to rise.

Sometimes, strict supervision can be complex for the administration of educational institutions to sustain it for the long run. So, they outreach Security Guard Services in Carlsbad or any other city to tackle security troubles right away. Notably, these firms offer professional patrolling and security guard services to deter crimes as efficiently as possible.

Security company

Here are some ways to improve school security, and if you’re a part of school administration, these ideas can be an excellent deal for securing an education.

1. Minimizing the Risk of Violence at School

In many situations, children at school face various acts of violence such as physical violence, sexual assault, bullying, corporal punishment, etc. Often, some kids get prone to fighting and do not just resolve disagreements by arguing.

Sadly, throughout an academic year, 17% of American adolescents report being bullied 2 to 3 times every month or even more. Apart from students bullying, teachers are also less aware of the benefits and drawbacks of corporal punishment in the classroom. It may sound effective for a moment but can result in negative actions and exploitation later. As a result, some kids get traumatized, disrupting their academic growth and sabotaging their family and employment prospects.

Security Guard Services in Carlsbad

For the safety of children, the school authorities can take preventive measures like hiring a security company. The guards are professional enough to deal with kids fighting. Moreover, their constant patrolling inside and outside of the school area keeps the teachers and students in control, minimizing the chances of violence at a considerable ratio.

2. Monitoring the Entryways and Existways of School

With the constant increase in the crime rate these days, it is crucial to keep an eye on the school’s entrances and exits. It is factual, as per the study report of the State of Safety, that break-ins have become highly widespread across the United States. Installing CCTV cameras and monitoring systems can be helpful to keep a record of regular activities, but they cannot entirely assure the safety of students. The sight of the security cameras is not enough because they are prone to hacking.

Always plan ahead of time and employ patrol security personnel to maintain strict monitoring to better prepare for unexpected criminal activity. The guards can repeatedly make rounds throughout the entire doorways while students and other faculty members remain busy with their educational tasks.

You can hire our recommended Security Guard Services in Carlsbad, which offers a great blend of constant monitoring and security intelligence. The well-trained and exceptionally fit guards thoroughly respond to abrupt situations with no delay.

3. Hiring a Security Company

Despite the size of your school campuses, patrolling on-campus ensures adequate reliability of the protection and safety of children. As stated in the report of the National Center for the Educational Statistics (NCES), several campuses observed 19.5% of criminal activities back then in 2018. As for now, students and their parents are still worried about the malicious trespass that can occur anytime within the sphere of the school.

To address these serious security threats, the patrolling guards can promptly detect the potential risks of any major incident beforehand. Moreover, they are proficient at handling challenging situations even when they are unarmed.

For example, an intruder attempts to enter the school area for theft, vandalism, or attacking the teachers or students. Due to strict vigilance, these invaders will be instantly waived to the law enforcement agencies for further action. These precautions ensure that school facilities are safe at all times without having fear and anxiety.

4. Protection of Personal Data

The educational administration is responsible for carefully safeguarding children’s personal data. However, if confidential data is not handled correctly, it can threaten the leadership and reputation of an institution. Most of the time, schools store manual and digital data electronically, but clever cybercriminals can easily breach data in minutes. In addition, student data is highly valuable in the black market as the people pay almost $350 for each record they pass on.

Rather than patrolling, the security guards can keep a record of encrypted passwords and copies of confidential data of both students and teachers under protection rather than patrolling. At the same time, if something terrible happens, the security team can carefully investigate the incident alongside the cause for the theft of sensitive data.

They can easily record daily activities using IT applications such as Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS). By closely monitoring all the specified mechanisms regularly, institutes can avoid security breaches to a great extent.

Protect the Prospect of the Children with the Best Security Services Around your Vicinity

In modern society, educational institutions are the most important places for the academic growth of children. Having a secure and quality education is the fundamental right of every child that leads them to a better future. One effective measure can be hiring sufficient protection by well-armed guards round the clock to clear out risky affairs.

You can easily deal with these concerns by contacting Squadron Protective Services, a reliable security company, for quick assistance and better guidance. Discuss everything about the campus protection and security for children’s health and education. Give us a call at (760)-891-5631. Let’s aim for prioritizing safety and empowering education!

 A Security Company That Assures Safety & Security Of Students

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Security Challenges & Their Solutions In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is always open to people living worldwide, and unfortunately, none of them hold a placard of being a threat. As the hotel administration has to satisfy guests’ experiences and comfort and their safety and security, they must constantly stay on their toes. Especially when there’s a crowd, you need support from professional patrol security services to facilitate tourism and keep up the reputation. You never know who is there with a potential risk.

A holistic approach is to connect the tiny dots and establish a balance. It can ward off complex threats with a blend of technical and intellectual measures. As 81 percent of the foreign guests check reviews before booking a hotel, you need to sustain them well.

How Does Hospitality Security Work?

What else do you think needs security other than your guests? Hotel’s appliances, guests’ belongings, vintage artifacts, staff’s valuables, equipment, and the list goes on. While the items may sound ordinary, hotel security guards & patrol services are not. They have to assess the risk chances and execute security plans as per the budget. And that comes with countless challenges. Any accident can risk hundreds or thousands of people’s lives.

Let’s discuss those challenges and how to cope with them.

Hospitality Security

Security Challenges & Solutions For The Hospitality Industry

1. Unauthorized Visitors

Even if you’re running a local hotel on a smaller scale, you could have a guest capacity of 25 rooms. And if it’s a five-star or four-star hotel, you would be having hundreds of rooms with guests. The average number of luxury rooms in US hotels is 316, as of 2020, and most of them get visitors. The people visiting bars or restaurants also add to the crowd, making it even harder to monitor them.


You can hire a separate team of security officers who would be held accountable for all those visitors. Post them on entrances and bars/restaurants with an extra eye open for the suspicious ones. These guards with professional patrol security services can identify the inappropriate behavior from a distance and handle the crisis.

2. Overwhelming Security Systems

You may be thinking about why a security system is a security challenge! Well, when you overdo electronic gadgets, it takes you to the darkness of technology. CCTV cameras, fire and smoke alarm systems, access controls, intrusion alarms, and others often go unmanageable if you have an inefficient or inexperienced IT team. And hackers can easily intrude on a centralized security system.

 Security Systems


Either ensure the skills of your technological experts or play smart with the deployment and updates of these systems. Manage the gadgets from different locations and stay ahead of the intruders. You can outsource your security systems to trustworthy companies and remain safe from your end.

3. Unexpected Thefts

Thefts are pretty common in hotels, and anyone can get hands-on hotels’ merchandise or valuables. Even the guests, visitors, or staff members with no proper training can steal items. You don’t usually run a background check on every name mentioned on your guests’ list. It can then lead to specific injuries and devastating circumstances.


For the hotels’ merchandise, we would suggest getting insurance for everything. Your assets help develop a reputation in the industry, and you should not risk it to any theft. Secondly, hire hotel security guards & patrol services for each floor and instruct them to scrutinize your hotel staff as well, especially the new hirings. Also, inspect the visitors at the exit door and take rapid action against any missing valuables.

4. Cybercrimes

Cybercrimes are now a part of almost every industry, and hospitality is not any less. The hotel system has all the data of credit cards and guests’ identities that any hacker can deploy. Unless your IT has made secured WiFi networks, you’re open to cybercrimes threats every hour. One of the biggest hotel chains, Marriott, reported a security breach in 2020 that affected 5.2 million guests. And for MGM Resorts, it went up to 142 million. So, the hospitality industry is always prone to phishing attacks that cause owners to lose reputations.



Start with looking over your IT policies and WiFi network security. Keep the visitors’ network distinct from the staff and guests. You can also opt for cyber-crime insurance companies to avoid electronic attacks.

5. Security Audit Standards

The hospitality industry of any country maintains qualified security. Whether it’s a private hotel chain or an individual, you have to satisfy the stakeholders. But due to the rough proportionality of hotels and auditors, it becomes problematic to cope with the more prominent names eventually. Since hotels have to fill the security gaps and get the audit done, it gets pretty expensive for startup hotel ventures.


You can always schedule an internal audit, as per the industry norms, and take measures to follow them. Or, you can work with professional hotel security guards & patrol services who know the commitment to quality standards and guests’ safety.

Hotel Security Guards & Patrol Services Can Save The Day!

Since 76 percent of the guests look for reviews and willingly want to pay more to a reputable hotel, you need to focus on your security extensively in 2021. Despite the measures an average hotel takes, the challenges keep articulating for the owners. You need to refurbish your IT department and hire guards from professional patrol security services such as Squadron Protective Services to get an edge. With over 45 years of experience, the security guards are well-versed with the management facilities and tailor the services as per the needs. Keep up your reputation and let the world witness the safety you provide to your guests and visitors.

Stay Ahead with our Hotel Security Guards & Patrol Services

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Property Management Guide To Tenant Security

Do you know that Americans face 3,370 burglaries every day, and 51 percent of them suffer again within a month? While property managers are liable for providing tenants with a sustainable vicinity, they also need to ensure all safety and security. There can be many criminal activities regardless of time, and CCTV cameras are not always prompt enough. One way is to get property management security officers on board and harness the stability.

However, there’s more about tenant security that property managers should know. Let’s read about them:

Potential Security Threats for Tenants

Be it apartment complexes, condos, single units, or any house type. There are always some of these security threats.

1. Burglary

On average, the residents of the United States experience more than a million burglaries in a year. And these break-ins are getting widespread with time. Being a property manager, if you think that keeping a check at night is enough for your security, know that 62 percent of these robberies take place in the daytime.


2. Vandalism

Graffitis, light smashing, broken windows, destroying signage, smashing cars, or other related activities can explicitly traumatize your tenants. And it may be due to previous tenants or some gangsters in the neighborhood. If there are vandalism threats already, you need to hire property management security services that catch these vandals for the penalties and leave your tenants at peace.

3. Loitering

Loitering is disturbed stalking from unknowns that can discomfort tenants and their guests. These people can be drug suppliers, rapists, have an intention to commit prostitution, or other inappropriate activities. However, loitering is not a typical crime but has certain laws that charge the loiter with a penalty or six-month country jail.

What Security Measures Should a Property Manager Take?

1. Install Basic Security Systems

Before welcoming a new tenant to your property, any property manager should double-check the locks, windows, doors, garage, and attics. These are apart from the repairs that you do. Casually visit the property and ensure no area is easy to break in.

Then, one should install motion sensors, security alarms, surveillance cameras, fire alarms, access control systems, deadbolt locks, CCTV cameras in parking lots, smoke detectors, and other bare minimums. These systems keep the residents a step ahead of security concerns, especially burglary. You can also ask for more rent with these security amenities and get a return for your investments.

2. Run Security Checks on Tenants

Many properties experience vandalism due to tenants with a criminal history. It further put the entire neighborhood in jeopardy, and property managers deal with the complaints. Therefore, they should always run criminal checks to ensure any felony conviction or tenant’s name in the sex offender registry. These can also help you with other crucial checks, including credit, employment, rent, and background.

Finalizing a tenant is hectic, and we don’t want you to experience the hassles again and again. By conducting such screening tests, you also reduce the chances of eviction that save you from additional maintenance costs, court costs, filing costs, and turnover rates.

Since the property manager is held liable for any damage in the neighborhood due to their tenants, security checks should be the priority.

3. Hire On-Site Security

Every property requires different levels of security depending on its location, neighborhood, infrastructure, amenities, and other surroundings. Hiring on-site security boosts tenants’ confidence and attracts them to your properties. You can seek help from Property management security services having dedicated and trained forces who patrol at your needed hours. With better criminal sight, they can address any inappropriate acts before you or your tenant do and address the issue in real-time. Depending on your feasibility, these property management security officers can roam around on bicycles, vehicles, foot, or any other option you want.

Hire On-Site Security

Luxury apartments, for instance, need extra security to cater to events, parties, or routine days. And as a property manager, you have to think the best about your tenants.

4. Instruct with Emergencies Action Plan

Every neighborhood should have a typical action plan that needs no further validation in case of an emergency. Whether it’s an apartment or a community, there have to be necessary tools, goals, and measures every resident must know and do. For instance, in case of a burglary, which emergency door should the police or property management security officers use. Or how the neighbors can play their role in any event of a fire. It goes on to a property manager to manage and instruct the new tenants with the existing rules and action plans.

Also, if you can, inspect if the staff (of an apartment) are well familiar with the security systems and new technologies.

5. Distribute Emergency Numbers

Mishaps happen when we least expect them! Burglary, Vandalism, and Loitering are too the same. And most of the time, the tenants cannot dial for help due to a scenario or tension. In such cases, property managers can post emergency numbers at different corners of the house and distribute them among the neighbors. The house in front of yours can clearly see what’s happening through your windows. Pull off the curtains if you suspect any unusual activity or break-in and let your neighbors inspect. You can distribute yours, a local police department, and a nearby property management security services company.

Can Property Management Security Services Really Help?

Security services for property managers have tailored plans for each neighborhood type, and with due experience, they know the red flags before the tenants. Their officers have undergone training, professional appearance, and communication skills to keep the residents at peace and comfort all day long.

Property Management Security

The Take-Aways

Property management is a whole separate responsibility and needs due diligence despite the tenants’ history or neighborhood type. There have been many criminal activities in the news lately, and to save your property from being one of them, taking security measures is crucial in 2021. Alarms and other security systems play a vital role, but certain properties need property management security officers to respond to the mishaps promptly. If you’re looking to take a step forward, feel free to contact Squadron Protective Services and discuss your safety needs for custom security solutions. After all, your life matters the most!

Harness Stability with our Property Management Security Officers

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Why Does Your Residential Neighborhood Need Patrol Security?

What factors are involved in an individual’s decision to commit a crime? Do they weigh the pros and cons? We don’t know the reasons, but security services are essential to surveillance our surroundings.

According to the FBI, an estimated 1,230,149 burglaries occurred in the United States in 2018. Of these burglaries, 56.7% involved forcible entry, 36.7% unlawful entry, and 6.6% were forcible entries.

Residential Neighborhood Security Patrols are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to secure residential and commercial buildings. There’s no doubt that security guards have one of the most dangerous jobs in America. However, a well-trained security agency is required to keep an eye on the entire neighborhood, its properties, and its valuables. Be prepared ahead of time in case something goes wrong.

patrol security

Hiring residential patrol security is something you need to consider for a community of people with a broad territory to monitor. It benefits your residential neighborhood in the following ways.

1. Protection of Valuables

We all have valuable possessions at our homes, such as gadgets, jewelry, sports equipment, vintage items, and antique artifacts. These items are neither cheap nor easily replaceable. However, it is necessary to take care of your belongings. But sometimes, it becomes pretty challenging to manage everything if you have a strenuous routine.

To overcome this issue, you can hire a security guard. These security people keep a close eye on such troublemakers and reduce the risk of thefts and break-ins. It can provide a safe atmosphere for you and your family and help safeguard your possessions from burglary.

2. Theft and Vandalism Deterrence

If you notice vandalism around your property, immediately notify the authorities by providing information to help in the investigation. One of the most effective strategies to avoid theft and vandalism is, again, to have security guards on your premises unremittingly.

Vandalism Deterrence

Several companies and residences depend solely on camera systems for surveillance. Since burglars and vandals are impulsive, they can cleverly hide their traces by destroying, obscuring, distorting, or stealing CCTV security cameras. Unlike security officers who can manage risk in real-time and can provide exceptional security guard services.

3. Parking Policy Enforcement

You may not have realized it, but protecting your parking areas has become necessary to report any suspicious activities. The research has shown that one in ten property crimes takes place in parking lots or inside garages. It is plausible to think that thieves are after your vehicles to dismantle them and sell their parts or sometimes carry out substantial damage. To successfully monitor the parking lots, security officers pay close attention to specific details all over the place. They strive to control people obeying the security rules and regulations that no property, even automobiles, gets damaged in your neighborhood or workplace.

4. Health Security

The urge to safeguard mental health and the overall well-being of a person is essential. Some factors like having people around, such as nearby friends, basic access amenities, and strong connections with neighbors, contribute to favorable neighborhood safety.

Sometimes, people or visitors get agitated or aggressive, and it is necessary to calm them down. At times, there are loiters wandering and making the residents uncomfortable. They can be rapists or have the intent of prostitution. Make smart choices by hiring patrol security which can make a difference in people’s lives by keeping them safe or assisting them in seeking peace of mind. It can give you a sense of moral satisfaction.

5. Reporting & Detaining Regularly

The reporting of inconsistencies, alarming violators of rules and policies, and detaining trespassers are all tactics to prevent damages and mischief in the Residential areas. A qualified Mobile security patrol can be an energetic deterrent, ensuring that your house and family are safe. Compiling reports by taking notes on daily observations, facts, figures, and surveillance help assess buildings and equipment controls to keep the environment in good shape.

6. Events And Occasions Security Services

Organizing an event is easy but handling the crowd is quite difficult to manage. Whether the party or event is happening at home or any location, security guards can assist you in ensuring that all guests park vehicles in the allotted parking spaces. They can ensure that no cars get parked on neighboring lawns, business driveways, or company parking lots. It is okay to hire security guards at events to monitor entrances and keep an eye on your guests in most situations. It can make vigilance easy to apprehend in crowds.

Occasions Security Services

7. Speedy Response

When you hire security guards for your Residential Patrol Security, they scale the entire site to check if everything is in order. During an emergency, these security guards serve as first responders, attempting to maintain control of the situation until the appropriate aid arrives and act quickly to avoid crises.

In comparison to typical on-site security officers, they can move faster and respond more efficiently. Not everyone can afford round-the-clock security, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t acquire the safety you need. The preventive measures in your neighborhood can help to deal with the unneeded uproar.

Patrol security

Invest In Today and Secure Tomorrow with Squadron Residential Patrol Services

The safety of your home is paramount, and it can sometimes feel as if peace of mind is elusive without security services. When assigned patrolling security guards in your residential community, they can scale the entire property to ensure everything is progressive. They are highly responsive, committed and will give personalized services to match your security needs. Since thieves are afraid of being caught, the sheer sight of security personnel ascending your private property will deter them from attacking your area.

Fortunately, Squadron Protective Services is a security guard and vehicle patrol firm specializing in offering high-quality, tailored security services. We have a full range of security services delivering reliable and understandable information about local crime and policy activities to residents. Contact us today at (760) 292-2899, and we will help you with security services to the next level where you don’t have to worry about anything. We never leave your safety go out of our sight!

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7 Essential Tips for Cargo Theft Prevention

Cargo theft has been a global issue affecting both consumers and businesses over the past few years. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the problem has become extremely severe, causing $15 to $30 billion loss in direct merchandise each year in the United States.

In today’s global economy, shipping has become essential to facilitating worldwide trading. The process of shipping commodities and materials from their production to their final destination supports the modern marketing scale. And the scale of transportation goods is growing with 11 billion tons noted by ship each year.

Cargo Theft Prevention

However, anyone can steal cargo at any stage along the way. And that jeopardizes the integrity and availability of the goods and items. Knowing suitable tactics can help cargo businesses recognize their vulnerabilities and prevent potential cargo theft. Keep reading to see seven essential tips that may help you to prevent cargo theft.

1. Track Your Distribution Warehouse

Monitoring your distribution warehouse is vital to ensure that your shipment does not go misplaced. Unfortunately, defalcation is a significant issue among the distributors since opportunistic thefts can make almost all goods fair. In the United States, the annual cargo stealing facts dictate an estimate of $30 billion where the thieves are neither home-grown nor unorganized. They are utterly sophisticated people, and most people are unable to identify their intentions. However, if you see any inconsistencies, look into them instantly.

Tracking Distribution Warehouse

The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to determine whether the missing stock items were stolen or mislaid. It is imperative to contact an appropriate surveillance security company for prevention.

2. Robust Security Measures

Hire Squadron Protective Services to ensure the establishment of a security culture within the Cargo Transport. A security officer can ask for your name and address if you have discovered trespassing on private property or enclosed land. If you refuse to leave when requested, you may be charged with violating the law. Therefore, a reliable and trustworthy security company can monitor the shipment route’s loading process and illegal activities. Additionally, they can improve the detection and mitigation of risks and threats. It then helps in the protection and handling of goods.

3. Monitor Employees

Ensure that everyone in your team understands that you have negligible policies and strategies for theft and fraudulence. The shipping industries have long experienced susceptibility due to dishonest employees. These unprofessional practices can result in theft of data, robbery of cash, and fraudulent disbursements. To avoid internal theft, hire security personnel who can monitor insulation for employees working inside by functioning as a barrier externally. They can train employees about the moral code of conduct that can spell out the consequences of any transgressions.

4. Secure Perimeter

Do you want to protect your perimeters and buildings? Go ahead and hire some reputable Patrol Security Companies and keep your Cargo business safe from unwanted intruders. Set stations of the security guards on the entrance points and make it convenient for them to trace non-residents who effectively try to enter your property. It is one of the best methods to deter criminals from trespassing before they strike.

Perimeter Security

Security Patrol can further check all the mobile security alarms following regulations and inspect them regularly. During the emergency, they can immediately contact law enforcement if necessary.

5. Verify Documents During Shipping

Document Verification

Choose your transportation suppliers and intermediates with pertinent information and details. Keep in mind that this shipping is in charge of the products from when they leave your premises until they arrive at their destination. To effectively tackle this issue, numerous security firms have begun to offer tailored security services to the current state of privacy. Several nations worldwide have recently enacted legislation and rules to assist shipping corporations in putting armed guards on board their vessels to protect them from theft.

6. Choose Reliable Transportation

Make sure that the cargo supplies process is under strict observation as per the schedule. Choose reliable transportation and intermediates to secure access points. Since the traffic on the U.S transportation system is more than $50 billion worth of freight value on average for trucks only, imagine the intensity of security it needs.

Having Squadron Protective Security guards can be helpful because they can scrutinize photo badges and necessary paperwork. They can validate the identification of drivers and other pick-up information that can develop by having a good working connection with the shippers. Authorized personnel can handle these activities with strict confidentiality and responsibility.

7. Be Extra Attentive

The patrol security guards are the first line of defense to prevent loss on the premises of the cargo transport. Since cargo theft often occurs in the U.S., you should aim to stay safe from losing billions of dollars each year. When unpredictable crimes are more likely to occur at night, the patrol guards are meticulous and cautious since they observe closely to spot unexpected indicators promptly. The security guards at Squadron Protective Security can read a person’s body language to see if they are about to commit a crime. It places them ahead of the game when it comes to combating or deterring crime. Everything gets productive and successful when given strong attention to particular details.

Think Ahead of Time! Prevent Your Cargo Transportation by Working with Reliable Security Companies

It is essential to be cautious of the possible dangers involved in cargo transportation. However, understanding these patterns is an integral part of maintaining cargo security and protection. Since it has severe societal and economic consequences on the development of a country, it would be best to keep a zero-theft rate during the entire Cargo process. By implementing all of the safety procedures, you can remain free of all the trouble.

Get in touch with the security professionals at Squadron Protective Services. Discuss your workplace security requirements and share how we may assist you in protecting your employees and property. Give us a call at (760)292-2899. Several progressive and astute Cargo industries entrust us with the security and management of their facilities. We endure to keep a constant eye out and give our best of the services to the thieves!

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Why Do Businesses Need to Have Security Patrol Services?

There are over 877,087 security guards currently employed in the United States. The Security Patrol Services are ideal for businesses that interact with customers regularly. Companies with plenty of incoming and outgoing commodities are more vulnerable to criminal behavior and activities.

Patrol Services

If theft, vandalism, or incursion targets a company, it can expose businesses to physical, financial, and productive damages. Almost all businesses have specific vulnerabilities on their premises, and you may have that too. It is time to make sure to address them as quickly as possible before the situation goes out of your hands.

Below are seven ways to help you hire a professional patrol security guard team to minimize the potential risks in your business.

1. Boost Customer Service

Security personnel strives to establish a positive environment in the workplace and ensures that the business adheres to the regulations set forth by the company. The security guards’ social-communicative skills and kind gestures establish professional relationships with their customers. Talking to them and responding to their queries can help them to improve customer satisfaction.

90% of Americans use customer service as a factor for deciding whether or not to do business with a company. And helping with finding the counter or a space in the parking lot can be a few of them. The greater your listening skills are, the better you will be able to help others around you. At its core, on-site customer service can also give a strategic advantage to businesses.

2. Sense of Security and Regulation

If workplace misconduct occurs, whether perpetrated by visitors or employees, it can result in unnecessary costs that can likely threaten your brand’s reputation. However, the security guards can prevent violence and threats, whether on or off the clock. You can clearly notice a difference in crime intervention if a well-equipped guard is standing outside your office.

A simple way to ensure your business security is to contact a security company in Carlsbad for effective patrol services. Thieves will be reluctant to pursue a business that has an armed guard. The patrolling also assures you a sense of safety while keeping track of any suspicious visitors.

3. Better Visual Deterrence

Having security guards can help you deter crimes at any time of the day or the night, unlike other security technologies, such as surveillance cameras that a burglar can easily replace. But patrol guards can visualize the security threats promptly.  One of the most significant advantages of using mobile security patrol services is the improved visibility for your business. It makes customers and employees feel more secure if authorized personnel regularly monitor the surrounding areas. On the other hand, troublemakers and burglars will keep their distance and relinquish their plans for criminal activities.

4. Control Threats

Security guards are good at spotting suspicious people and activities. Since they have taken training to identify anomalies that indicate a crime or security breach will happen or has already happened. These security guards will use their talents to interpret body language and risk management to keep your business safe.

Control Threats

They can uncover potential issues before they become significant threats to your company by conducting regular patrols. Since 66% of companies witness inside attacks and breaches, you need such an eye to capture those culprits. To ensure your business and employee safety, make sensible decisions at the appropriate time.

5. Prevents Unlawful Activities

Guards can respond swiftly to alarms or reports of illegal activities. They can set up an effective and accurate employee recordkeeping system and ensure that no illicit activities occur within the company. If a crime is being committed, they will notify law enforcement as soon as possible. Furthermore, they will coordinate with police departments to share relevant data that will aid in the arrest of criminals. Regardless of the size of your company, such responsibilities can reduce the burden of business owners by focusing more on their security obligations.

6. Escort Employees

You may find yourself in a situation where an unhappy employee or former employee needs to be taken off the premises due to their hostility. Security guards may help with these activities so that your other employees remain safe from such situations.

Escort Employees

If not taken notice, these troublesome people can harm the valuables of the existing employees and make them feel threatened during their shift and afterward. According to FBI statistics, 60% of criminal attempts occur once the commercial property is at peace and employees are gone (after business hours).

7. Secure Your Assets

Take a moment and think of your company assets’ vigilance. Businesses generally adopt a proactive strategic plan and allocate several resources to avoid security breaches after something terrible has unfolded. Are you sure to take that risk? The breach can be massive! It is always better to hire trustworthy patrol guards with technological knowledge. They can ensure confidential information, procedures, or proprietary details remain within the firm. Regularly assessing security systems and protocols can help to overcome risk mitigation. It feels overwhelming when the workplace becomes a better place with security operations.

Practice Best Workplace Security Conduct! Your business needs Security Patrol Services

Outstanding protection and defensive vicinity lead to peaceful stability of businesses. However, employing security guards can lower the prevalence of insurgency and crime, which is suitable for your organization. They have several responsibilities to accomplish, and if they fail to do so, the world will be in a very different and frightening situation. Safety precautions are strongly dependent on the circumstances.

However, if you need to implement safety policies and practices in your business, you should know about the best security company in Carlsbad with well-informed details about regular inspections. Professional security personnel and services can help you protect your business goals and objectives. Learn more about Squadron Protective Services and tell us how we may help you. Get in touch with one of the representatives at (760)292-2899. Don’t wait for a catastrophe to strike; instead, be prepared to take basic precautions. Think High, Minimize Chaos!

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