Car Dealership Security – Top 5 Challenges your Dealership is Prone to

Do you know that the auto industry is rising quickly, making $926 billion every year? Can we infer that it might be due to effective car dealership security services? Surely, it is a chance for a lifetime headway!

The car dealership industry plays a vital role in improving the growth of the automotive sector. With countless car manufacturers in each state or a country as a whole, enacts best along with other sectors.

Sadly, the car dealership is bound to encounter security threats even in the 21st century. Think of a moment just how upsetting it can be for the automotive sector to survive while the issue persists.

Car Dealership Security – Top 5 Challenges your Dealership is Prone to

This blog brings the topmost security challenges in the dealership industry that you should know. Also, get better insights into the global automotive sector. Find out more!

1. Challenges with the Towing

Criminals frequently try to tow the cars outside of the dealership. Keyless theft is almost unstoppable and the most common. This issue notably arises when vehicle parking areas do not have security settings. We mean alarm sirens, a guard tour system, surveillance cameras, etc.

It also occurs due to an unintentional mistake by the drivers. When you park vehicles with motionless brakes and front wheels standing in a linear position, the flexibility to tow the car becomes easy.


It is no surprise that there are plenty of ways to help you rescue your auto vicinity from theft or damage. One of them is to have on-site car dealership security patrol services. It can add an extra layer of protection to your auto business.

2. Ineffective Lighting Issue in the Dealership Garages

Showrooms, workshops, and garages need perfect lighting systems 24/7. Proper lighting is simply effective in deterring crime rates. It makes the place bright. Not just this, but in the case of hostile moves, actions become easy to recognize.

Usually, thieves operate at night since most monochromatic cameras do not function properly in the dark. Eventually, it becomes the most suitable time for the burglars to initiate evil acts.


Properly inspect and check the light poles and circuits to make your parking areas and garages look more noticeable. It is an easy yet budget-friendly solution.

3. Keeping The Keys and Fobs Protected

Car dealership owners often leave or forget their keys and fobs in obvious locations where the risk of easy access is possible. It leaves an open opportunity for thieves, and they never miss the chance to commit the crime. Not just this, but they can further enter buildings, garages, inventory, and other restricted areas without any hassle.

Keeping The Keys and Fobs Protected

Even worst can happen to your cars because thieves also use programming software. It turns a new key fob similar to the original one and ignites the engine within a few minutes. Sadly, this is why the number of vehicle theft raised to 9 percent in the previous year in the US.


Carry your key fob in a shielded wallet or faraday pouch. It works perfectly with electronic devices to secure them from unknown signal frequencies.

4. Maintenance of the Surveillance Systems

Dealerships have well-functioning surveillance systems to shield them from uncertain liabilities. It is utterly important to keep them up to date and in better conditions to eliminate sudden tech mishaps. However, there is always necessary to monitor all moves around the premises, inventories, hallways, etc.

It is because the dealership is prone to illegal activities. Remember, regular maintenance and inspection of the entire electronic system assures the safety of the security alarms and equipment.

To reap the utmost benefits, guard services can fix this problem by weekly or monthly monitoring networks of security systems. But it is also critical for you to be thoughtful when hiring car dealership security services.


As a preventive measure, try to protect or hide your camera cables. Usually, thieves’ main target is to avoid tracking their thievery. Use conduit wiring cable in both indoor and outdoor areas.

5. Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic

The negative implications of the Covid-19 pandemic are severe, leading to fewer auto sales across the world. As per the report of Statista, the prediction for auto sales in 2020 was to reach 74 million globally. Sadly, Covid-19 put everything to a halt.

It was mainly due to the partial import and export disruptions, which are quite challenging in the long run. Eventually, it placed intense pressure on the auto industry to cope with it. As a result of partial lockdown, thieves became active and began stealing vehicles and other expensive parts such as car engines, etc. They solely focused on the money, despite where it was coming from.

Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic


Use electronic locking door and window systems to avoid getting any prowler inside the facility. Don’t leave everything entirely to the situation, but use a few tactics to help yourself.

Are You Ready for the Future of the Dealership Industry?

Find opportunities within challenges!

The automotive sector is changing drastically over the past few years due to sudden environmental and societal shifts such as Covid-19. But, always remember, buying cars is beyond unstoppable!

Evidently, in 2022, the market size of the automobile industry is predicted to rise to 4.3 percent in the US. It will provide a potential opportunity to improve the economy of the country post-pandemic.

Undeniably, cars are the major need of everyone today. But Since the industry survived these critical times, there are still many opportunities ahead. Gladly, it depicts the future will not be the same, but better.

Recall yourself once again, “Invention is the mother of necessity”!

Accelerate the Future with Car Dealership Security Services

Drive your dreams!

Like most businesses, the car dealership sector is flexible and continues to progress whatever the situation might be. However, the industry strives to remain agile and profitable in the current marketplace.

The spike of challenges and uncertainties is not new to this sector, but, of course, there are effective security measures. Once you have read all the security concerns in this blog, try to turn negative conduct into reliable and positive ones. Remember, car dealership security can aid in speeding up the auto services in a better way.

Glad Tidings!

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