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Car Dealership Security

Car dealerships have many high-value items in stock at risk of being stolen or vandalized, and depending on location and circumstances, security officers may be needed during business hours, afterward, or both.  While theft is most likely to happen during the night, a large car dealership or a dealership located in a higher risk neighborhood may require a security officer during daylight hours. Squadron Protective Services can provide armed or unarmed guards for night or daytime premises and personnel security of your auto dealership.

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Car Dealership Security | Guard & Patrol | Squadron Protective ServicesState trained and certified, a large percentage of our security officers are active or retired military security officers, and we always have additional officers on call in the event your regular officer is ill or has an emergency.

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The mission of Squadron Protective Services is to provide the utmost in security and protection while serving with the highest professionalism and courtesy.

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Car Dealership Security – Security Guard & Vehicle Patrol

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