College Campus Security for Student Safety

Squadron Protective ServicesAccording to Daily Beast, aggravated assault committed on college campuses has dropped 8%. Other crimes like car theft and robberies have dropped by 24% and 7% respectively, between 2006 and 2008. Experts believe the decline is due to the increased presence of campus security personnel patrolling school grounds. On-site security has proven to be an effective deterrent for preventing crimes of opportunity.

Make Your School Safer with Campus Security

While school security can’t be everywhere at once, just having them around provides a safer environment by preventing the following from becoming prevalent:

Gang Assembly

The National Center for Education Statistics reported that one out of five students have reported presence of gang activity in their schools. While the statistics pertain to K-12 schools, college campuses can also be a breeding ground for gang recruitment. A security patrol detail can minimize threats posed by gang activity.

Narcotic Use

According to one survey, as many as 20% of college students have experimented with drugs. Narcotics and alcohol binging can lead to delinquent, impulsive, and violent behavior. A security detail can patrol the school grounds and keep an eye out for students that may be under the influence and pose a safety risk to other students.


College campuses, like any other public venue, are susceptible to vandalism that can result in thousands of dollars of property damage. This can be the work of juveniles, intoxicated students, or past students with an axe to grind with the school.

Student Safety Is Paramount

Students are at college to learn. There’s nothing more detrimental to their learning than being in an environment where they don’t feel safe. With a campus security team present, students will feel a sense of relief knowing that there are authority figures they can report to should a crime occur on campus. For school security officers in Carlsbad, Vista or Oceanside, call Squadron Protective Services for a consultation today.

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