Do You Need Security Guards for Your Movie Set?

movie set security, filming securityAre you a film producer or director? Even if you’re not filming the next blockbuster big hit, your movie set still requires strict organization and control. Security for a movie set is necessary to ensure the safety of all cast and crew members. Here are some of the reasons why providing onsite security is so important.

1. Crowd Control

Even if the filming doesn’t include A-list celebrities, passersby are going to be curious and may get a little too close. Security guards can maintain order and prevent anyone not involved in the filming from disrupting the scene. They can also maintain control of those authorized to be on set. This may include members of the press or those with special viewing privileges. The security crew can divert foot traffic and minimize interruptions.

2. Escort VIP Staff

The filming may include high-profile and tabloid-worthy individuals. A security team can safely escort these people back and forth between the set and their trailer or vehicle. Speaking of vehicles, onsite security can also patrol a movie set’s parking lot. We ensure that those who enter via vehicle are authorized to be there.

3. Protect Property

A movie set is similar to a construction site in that there is a lot of expensive equipment lying round. This includes cameras, special effects equipment, props, etc. When the set closes down for the day, these items become attractive targets for thieves. Some people may even attempt to break in just for the sake of vandalizing the set. A security team can patrol the set (both via foot and vehicle) long after filming ends for the day.

We Provide Security for Movie Sets

Are you filming a movie, TV show, commercial, or public announcement in or around Carlsbad? Contact Squadron Protective Services to safeguard everyone and everything involved. Security for a movie set promotes safety, order, and reassurance.

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