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Caring for People When They’re Most Vulnerable

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are some of the nation’s most active public places, caring for people when they’re most vulnerable. Because most healthcare facilities maintain an open door policy, they can become targets for criminal activity if left unprotected. There are many considerations to make when designing a security plan for a healthcare facility, with emergency room security often the most demanding challenge. We at Squadron Protective Services understand your top priority is keeping patients and staff secure and safe while serving the public at large, and we assign security officers with special training for your needs.

Security Assessment

Squadron Protective ServicesWe will provide a no-cost security assessment of your facility upon request, and if our services are retained, will develop a plan to implement optimal security for your particular needs.  Our staff is comprised of active and retired military and seasoned security officers who are state trained and certified, and additional officers are always on call in the event your regular security officer is ill or has an emergency.

Emergency Room Security | Employee Termination Security | Escort Vehicle Patrol

High Quality Security

Squadron Protective Services provides high quality security by a professional team, with a main mission of providing the utmost in security and safety while serving with highest professionalism and courtesy.

Hospital Security – Security Guard & Vehicle Patrol

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