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Specific and Unique Challenges

The hotel and hospitality industry has unique security challenges, with unknown people continually entering the premises. Practicing good hospitality is a very high priority, but this revolving door environment can be a threat to the safety and security of guests and staff.

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Hotels and others in the hospitality business must have security measures in place to protect visitors and staff from theft, burglary, vandalism and robbery, and our professional management team has over 45 years’ experience providing the best security solutions in the industry.

Certified Security

The majority of our security officers are active or retired military who are state trained and certified, and we have additional officers on call in the event your regular security officer is ill or has an emergency.

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Professional Security

Squadron Protective Services provides high quality security by a professional team, with a main mission of providing the utmost in security and safety while serving with highest professionalism and courtesy.
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