How to Prevent Construction Site Theft

construction site theftThe retail sector isn’t the only industry susceptible to theft. The construction industry is also at risk. Expensive equipment and tools are vulnerable to theft and can sell for a handsome price in the black market. Here’s how to prevent construction site theft.

Consequences of Construction Site Theft

Construction site theft accounts for about $1 billion in financial loss every year in the industry. The figure has increased every year since 1996. Aside from the loss of equipment and the cost of replacement, companies may also have to rent in the interim. Stolen equipment may also result in downtime in the work zone, leading to further financial losses. In addition, if the stolen equipment is insured, this could result in higher premiums.

How to Protect Your Construction Site

One strategy is to keep your site well-lit even during off hours. Burglars like to remain inconspicuous and use the dark of night as concealment. Surveillance cameras are another effective deterrent; their presence shows would-be burglars that big brother is watching.

In addition, project managers should also be as visible as possible at the work site. A big percentage of theft occurs internally, meaning it’s committed by employees. Being more visible makes it more difficult for employees to engage in questionable activities.

Finally, only schedule supply deliveries on an as-need basis. Sure, it’s convenient to have ample supplies readily available at the worksite. However, excess supplies mean more goodies for thieves to grab and go. It also helps to keep an organized record so you know when items come up short.

We Protect Construction Sites

Follow these security tips to minimize the possibility of theft. To really maximize security and deter burglary, contact Squadron Protective Services. We can patrol your work zone and report any suspicious activity. Construction site theft is on the rise but we can minimize it.

On-Site Construction Patrol and Security

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