Live Gated Community Security: Why It’s More Important Than You Think

gated community security, live security, community securityYou may think a gated community is relatively safe; after all, the premise is surrounded by a fence and/or a wall. Nevertheless, gated community security adds a layer of protection for ensuring that residents stay safe from would-be intruders or vandals.

Gated Communities Are Prime Targets for Thieves

Gated communities aren’t as safe as you might think. The gates and walls just provide an illusion of security. When burglars think of gated communities, they think of well-off homeowners. Well-off people are also less likely to be home due to vacations and business trips. Because this fact isn’t lost on seasoned burglars, homes inside these communities are prime targets.

The factors below outline why live security is an invaluable asset.

Keep Track of Visitors

On-site security personnel can verify each person who enters, whether they enter by foot or car. With the use of visitor check-in software, personnel can register both residents and visitors as well as their vehicles. Furthermore, they can prevent entry to anyone deemed suspicious or who has no valid reason for entering the community.

Live Patrolling

Security cameras are an effective deterrent. Residential security personnel are even more so. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. A vehicle patrol takes away the opportunity of an easy target; only the most daring criminals will attempt unlawful behavior.

Enforce Community Rules

Security can also ensure that residents follow guidelines set forth by the community. Examples of community rules may include a curfew for minors or restricted parking. Residents are far more likely to obey the rules when uniformed personnel are present to enforce them.

We Provide Security for Gated Communities

Our guards are not just trained to patrol a premise. They are also encouraged to form a rapport with the people that make up the neighborhood. Call Squadron Protective Services for live gated community security; your residents will feel safer and have greater peace of mind.

Residential Security Patrol Services

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