Parking Garage Security: How to Minimize Suspicious Activity

parking garage security, garage security, parking securityAccording to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 11% of property crimes occur in public parking garages. Parking lots have fewer attendants these days due to automation, such as ticket-dispensing kiosks. This makes parking garage security all the more important for civilian safety and the prevention of car break-ins.

1. Emergency Stations

Install emergency stations throughout the garage. These are wall-mounted buttons that patrons can press for immediate assistance from security personnel. This is far more expedient than phoning for help on a mobile phone. The heavy concrete walls may interfere with reception on personal devices.

2. Video Surveillance

With real-time security footage, security personnel can spot suspicious activity remotely and be on the premises within seconds. Install cameras near entries/exits, pay stations, stairwells, and elevators. Cameras serve as a deterrent, so make sure they are highly visible. As an added measure, include signs announcing that the premises are monitored 24/7.

3. Lighting

Why do facilities keep the lights on even when they close for the day? The lighting deters criminal activity. Thieves prefer the darkness of night so they can remain out of sight. Keep the garage well lit even during off hours. You should also have standby power that kicks in immediately in the event of a power outage.

4. Charging Stations

More parking garages are implementing charging stations for hybrid and electric vehicles. This is also a good location to add an additional assistance button. Thieves target certain components of electric vehicles, such as the battery. Hybrid car owners should have immediate emergency access in the event their vehicle is targeted.

Parking Garage Security Boosts Public Safety

Parking lot structures are an integral part of commercial areas, such as hospitals, shopping plazas, and universities. Contact Squadron Protective Services to enforce parking garage security and deter unlawful activity in this vulnerable area.

Parking Garage Security Patrol

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