Property Management Security Guard & Patrol Services

Security and Peace of Mind

Property management companies providing landlord services, condo property management, commercial property management, residential property management, etc. are primarily focused on the security and safety of tenants, owners and property. Squadron Protective Services consultants will meet with property managers or visit HOA meetings in order to understand the security concerns at a specific property, then provide foot or vehicle patrol upon request. We can also provide our security officers with golf carts or bicycles for patrol of larger properties.

Rigorous Selection Process

Property Management Security | Guard & Patrol | Squadron Protective ServicesSquadron Protective Services rigorously ensures its property management security officers possess the skills necessary to do the job well, including good written and verbal communication skills, good fitness and professional appearance. The majority of our security officers are active or retired military who are state trained and certified, and we have additional officers on call in the event your regular security officer is ill or has an emergency.

Employee Termination | Security Escort | Vehicle Patrol

Security Solutions

Squadron Protective Services provides high quality security by a professional team, with a main mission of providing the utmost in security and safety while serving with highest professionalism and courtesy.

Property Management Security – Guard & Vehicle Patrol

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