Retirement Home Security in Escondido: Protection for Assisted Living Communities

retirement security and patrol escondidoDo you run a retirement living facility? These living units are prone to burglary and warrant around-the-clock security patrol. Learn how retirement home security in Escondido benefits your community and its senior inhabitants.

Why Retirement Home Security Is Necessary

Burglars view elderly residents as easy targets. Even if the occupant is home, how much can they resist or put up a fight? Home intruders are looking for easy and vulnerable victims.  Break-ins aside, scammers may visit retirement communities and pose as door-to-door salesmen. They trick unsuspecting victims into handing over money or signing up for bogus services.

How Security Personnel Can Protect Your Community

Vehicle patrol can keep an eye out for suspicious individuals, including those claiming to be visitors or conducting business. Security guards can check the ID and credentials of non-residents whether entering by vehicle or foot.

More importantly, the security guards on staff can become trusted members of the community and form a bond with the residents. Tenants are more likely to report a crime or suspicious activity if they trust the people in uniform. Security personnel form a rapport with the community they serve and aren’t just safety enforcers.

Other Ways to Improve Retirement Home Safety

Install medical alert systems in each living unit. Wearable units are also available. This is a panic button the resident can activate for immediate assistance in an accident, such as a fall.

Surveillance cameras are another recommendation. Should suspicious individuals enter the premises, you’ll have evidence that can be turned in to law enforcement. Position cameras so they cover front and back entrance ways of individual living units. Have a separate camera for the parking lot as well to identify vehicles.

We Provide Community-Based Security in Escondido

Senior residents have the right to feel safe. Contact Squadron Protective Services to learn how to safeguard your tight-knit community of seniors and caregivers. Our special offers make community protection and retirement home security affordable. Contact us today for more information.

Retirement Home Security and Patrol for Escondido Homes

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