Secure Your Home from Halloween Vandalism

Squadron Protective ServicesHalloween is one of the most favored holidays, second perhaps only to Christmas. While this is a time for dress-ups, parties and trick-or-treating, Oct 31st is also associated with a spike in crime. Juveniles, clad in their costumes/disguise, may use the opportunity to target homes and businesses for vandalism. Sometimes, the damage is negligible, such as a door getting egged or toilet paper getting strewn over the property. Other times, the damage is severe and warrants a police investigation. Prevent Halloween vandalism this year by following a few protective security measures.

Keep Your Property Well-Lit on Halloween Night

Your home should be well-lit even if you’re not home or don’t plan on giving out candy. Dark areas make it easier for mischief makers to carry out their bidding under the cover of night. If you’re wary of keeping the porch light on for hours on end, then install motion flood sensor lights.

Give Out Candy on Your Driveway

Give out treats by the edge of your property as opposed to your doorway. This gives you an open view of people around your property and prevents vandals from committing a “destroy-and-run” act, such as knocking over your mailbox with a baseball bat or throwing a brick through your window and quickly fleeing the scene.

Watch Out for Your Car

Cars are also vulnerable targets for vandals. Damages to vehicles may include spray-painted graffiti, smashed windows, smashed taillights, and slashed tires. If possible, keep your car in the garage. If you must park outside, try to park in a well-lit area and be sure not to leave any valuables inside.

Hire Security for the Night

If your neighborhood or your home specifically has been targeted in the past, then consider hiring on-site security to keep a watchful eye on your property. Aside from residences, companies should also consider hiring security patrol for the night. Halloween vandalism prevention should also be taken into account by businesses, which are just as vulnerable to being defaced.

Professional Security Patrol on Halloween Night

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Edited by Justin Vorhees