Security Challenges & Their Solutions In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is always open to people living worldwide, and unfortunately, none of them hold a placard of being a threat. As the hotel administration has to satisfy guests’ experiences and comfort and their safety and security, they must constantly stay on their toes. Especially when there’s a crowd, you need support from professional patrol security services to facilitate tourism and keep up the reputation. You never know who is there with a potential risk.

A holistic approach is to connect the tiny dots and establish a balance. It can ward off complex threats with a blend of technical and intellectual measures. As 81 percent of the foreign guests check reviews before booking a hotel, you need to sustain them well.

How Does Hospitality Security Work?

What else do you think needs security other than your guests? Hotel’s appliances, guests’ belongings, vintage artifacts, staff’s valuables, equipment, and the list goes on. While the items may sound ordinary, hotel security guards & patrol services are not. They have to assess the risk chances and execute security plans as per the budget. And that comes with countless challenges. Any accident can risk hundreds or thousands of people’s lives.

Let’s discuss those challenges and how to cope with them.

Hospitality Security

Security Challenges & Solutions For The Hospitality Industry

1. Unauthorized Visitors

Even if you’re running a local hotel on a smaller scale, you could have a guest capacity of 25 rooms. And if it’s a five-star or four-star hotel, you would be having hundreds of rooms with guests. The average number of luxury rooms in US hotels is 316, as of 2020, and most of them get visitors. The people visiting bars or restaurants also add to the crowd, making it even harder to monitor them.


You can hire a separate team of security officers who would be held accountable for all those visitors. Post them on entrances and bars/restaurants with an extra eye open for the suspicious ones. These guards with professional patrol security services can identify the inappropriate behavior from a distance and handle the crisis.

2. Overwhelming Security Systems

You may be thinking about why a security system is a security challenge! Well, when you overdo electronic gadgets, it takes you to the darkness of technology. CCTV cameras, fire and smoke alarm systems, access controls, intrusion alarms, and others often go unmanageable if you have an inefficient or inexperienced IT team. And hackers can easily intrude on a centralized security system.

 Security Systems


Either ensure the skills of your technological experts or play smart with the deployment and updates of these systems. Manage the gadgets from different locations and stay ahead of the intruders. You can outsource your security systems to trustworthy companies and remain safe from your end.

3. Unexpected Thefts

Thefts are pretty common in hotels, and anyone can get hands-on hotels’ merchandise or valuables. Even the guests, visitors, or staff members with no proper training can steal items. You don’t usually run a background check on every name mentioned on your guests’ list. It can then lead to specific injuries and devastating circumstances.


For the hotels’ merchandise, we would suggest getting insurance for everything. Your assets help develop a reputation in the industry, and you should not risk it to any theft. Secondly, hire hotel security guards & patrol services for each floor and instruct them to scrutinize your hotel staff as well, especially the new hirings. Also, inspect the visitors at the exit door and take rapid action against any missing valuables.

4. Cybercrimes

Cybercrimes are now a part of almost every industry, and hospitality is not any less. The hotel system has all the data of credit cards and guests’ identities that any hacker can deploy. Unless your IT has made secured WiFi networks, you’re open to cybercrimes threats every hour. One of the biggest hotel chains, Marriott, reported a security breach in 2020 that affected 5.2 million guests. And for MGM Resorts, it went up to 142 million. So, the hospitality industry is always prone to phishing attacks that cause owners to lose reputations.



Start with looking over your IT policies and WiFi network security. Keep the visitors’ network distinct from the staff and guests. You can also opt for cyber-crime insurance companies to avoid electronic attacks.

5. Security Audit Standards

The hospitality industry of any country maintains qualified security. Whether it’s a private hotel chain or an individual, you have to satisfy the stakeholders. But due to the rough proportionality of hotels and auditors, it becomes problematic to cope with the more prominent names eventually. Since hotels have to fill the security gaps and get the audit done, it gets pretty expensive for startup hotel ventures.


You can always schedule an internal audit, as per the industry norms, and take measures to follow them. Or, you can work with professional hotel security guards & patrol services who know the commitment to quality standards and guests’ safety.

Hotel Security Guards & Patrol Services Can Save The Day!

Since 76 percent of the guests look for reviews and willingly want to pay more to a reputable hotel, you need to focus on your security extensively in 2021. Despite the measures an average hotel takes, the challenges keep articulating for the owners. You need to refurbish your IT department and hire guards from professional patrol security services such as Squadron Protective Services to get an edge. With over 45 years of experience, the security guards are well-versed with the management facilities and tailor the services as per the needs. Keep up your reputation and let the world witness the safety you provide to your guests and visitors.

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