Security New Year’s Resolutions to Make in Carlsbad

security New Year’s resolutions carlsbadWith 2021 comes the opportunity to set new goals and reflect upon what can be improved from 2020. We suggest security New Year’s resolutions for your business. Better safeguards against harm for your brick-and-mortar facility are one terrific way to start the year.

Create a Safe Workspace

Your employees should feel safe in their workplace. Consider these ideas for greater employee safety.

  • Security patrol for the parking lot. Additionally, and upon request, security personnel should be available to escort individual employees from the work area to their vehicles.
  • Security personnel positioned in the lobby or other easy-to-reach area. This is the go-to person employees report to if they spot suspicious behavior or other safety violations.
  • Protocol to deter inappropriate behavior of employees towards fellow staff members. Employee abuse and harassment is an ongoing issue in many industries.

Protect Assets and Property

Burglars operate 24/7 and will especially target businesses during hours of non-operation to steal goods and expensive items. Protect your assets with security patrol that works the grave shift to deter break-ins. Contrary to belief, asset and property protection isn’t limited to retail stores and financial institutions. Construction sites, warehouses and other hard-hat industries are more vulnerable than people realize due to the presence of expensive commercial tools.

Install Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras provide an extra set of eyes. In 2021, add security cameras or update your existing system. Live security personnel can’t be everywhere at once. Cameras let burglars know that big brother is watching even if no uniformed guard is present in the immediate vicinity.

Bolster Security New Year’s Resolutions in Carlsbad

Business-wise, what will you do differently in 2021? One difference with a big impact is contacting Squadron Protective Services. Your security New Year’s resolutions helps get your business off to a robust start. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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