Should You Ever Respond to an Alarm Yourself?

respond alarmIt’s certainly alarming (no pun intended) when the security alarm goes off in your place of business. You have a dilemma: should you contact security or respond to the alarm yourself? Is the latter a safe option?

More People Responding to Alarms by Themselves

More business owners are responding to alarms instead of calling in professional assistance. This is due to the high rate of false alarms, which accounts for roughly 90% to 99% of all alarm triggers. These are often due to rodents or floating debris that trip the motion sensors. Business owners may feel stupid contacting professional security to respond to yet another false alarm. While we understand this sentiment, it’s in your best interest to leave the response to a professional.

Why You Shouldn’t Respond to an Alarm Yourself

The obvious reason is safety. Yes, chances are that it’s another false alarm, but what if it’s an actual break-in? You could be confronting a potentially dangerous burglar and maybe more than one. Furthermore, the intruder(s) might be armed and might resort to committing bodily harm.

Don’t Leave the Response to a Subordinate

When the office closes for the day, some managers hand off the keys to a lower-level staff member. But, if the alarm activated, you don’t know how that employee might respond. If that employee decided to play superhero during a break-in in progress and was hurt, there would be liability ramifications.

Have a protocol in place, so whoever holds the key knows what to do in such situations. The protocol should never require personnel to self-investigate. This applies across all institutions, whether its residential or commercial property.

We Respond to Alarms

We suggest an overnight security patrol for your property. This way, security personnel would be on the premises, able to respond within seconds instead of minutes. Call Squadron Protective Services; never try to take matters into your own hands and respond to an alarm yourself.

On-Site Security Detail and Patrol

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