The Essentials of Lobby Security in Carlsbad

lobby security CarlsbadThe lobby is essentially the boundary or buffer between your facility’s public and private areas. It should be a welcoming place but also the key spot for security and access control. Learn the basics of lobby security and how to fortify this area for maximum safety in Carlsbad.

Lobby Layout

The lobby should be a closed environment. This means visitors cannot access the rest of the building without first going through the reception desk. The receptionist can be an in-house staff or on-site security personnel. Whichever the case, the receptionist needs to be clearly visible, and he/she also needs to be able to see all entering visitors. For safety, the receptionist should work behind a wide desk that can’t be easily reached across. A glass barrier is an optional protective measure.

Lobby Personnel

The designated lobby personnel need training to handle everyday situations as well as unexpected scenarios. Common tasks include logging visitors, recognizing authorized staff, answering phones, etc.  In addition, the staff member seated in the lobby needs to know how to handle potentially dangerous situations. This may include responding to unruly visitors, handling phone threats, and handling an active shooter scenario.

Lobby Technology

Many workplaces employ the use of a video intercom system for buzzing visitors in and out. This system is especially useful when the receptionist must control the flow of visitors remotely.  The addition of video surveillance is another tool businesses employ. Beef up the security even further with the installation of motion sensors.

We Handle Lobby Security in Carlsbad

The security of the entire facility is dependent on how well you manage the lobby. Call Squadron Protective Services for safeguarding this vital facility area. Lobby security matters a great deal for commercial estates, apartments, hotels, and more. We also offer vehicle patrol services.  Contact us today to learn more.

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