Earthquake Preparedness in Carlsbad: Do You Have a Readiness Plan?

earthquake preparedness CarlsbadCalifornians are no strangers to occasional earthquakes and aftershocks. When the earth begins shaking, do you have an earthquake preparedness plan in place? On-site security can help maintain an organized evacuation during a natural disaster.

An Organized Earthquake Preparedness Plan

Have an organized plan written out in your formal company guidelines. Following is a sample list of guidelines.

  • Seek cover, such as under a desk. Stay away from the windows.
  • Assess for bodily injuries and property damage when the shaking stops.
  • Begin evacuating; use the stairs and avoid elevators.
  • As you exit, carefully examine the building for hazards like falling debris.
  • Gather at a designated rallying point in an open area, such as a parking lot. Managers and supervisors do a head count.

The Role of Security

Panic can easily arise when a natural disaster abruptly occurs. Someone has to maintain order; otherwise, the panic can lead to preventable injuries. A security team maintains the order and is the last to exit the building. Our security personnel can perform the following:

  • Ring the alarm and direct people to exit in an orderly fashion.
  • Escort children, seniors, and those with disabilities.
  • Check the stairs and halls to ensure they’re free of obstructions.
  • Coordinate with law enforcement, the fire department, or paramedics if they’re called to the scene.
  • Direct people back inside when the building is deemed safe.
  • Perform a vehicle patrol of the outer premises.

Security detail can also monitor seismic activity reports and alert staff of a possible earthquake hitting the area.

We’re Ready for Natural Disasters

Our team has years of experience working with area businesses and organizations during natural disasters. Contact Squadron Protective Services today. We follow a precise earthquake preparedness plan for maintaining public safety and order.

Earthquake Preparedness: Ready to Respond in Carlsbad

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