How to Prevent Employee Theft Around Oceanside

prevent employee theft oceansideAccording to a CBS report, employee theft accounts for about 5% of revenue lost. A sizable portion of the threat occurs at the internal level. A commercial security detail can prevent your staff from thinking twice about stealing from their own company.

Maintain Careful Records

Always count your cash and inventory at the end of a shift. Use inventory management software for tallying sold items and comparing it to the number of items on stock. Also, keep records of time clocks and know which staffers were on duty and their roles and locations during their shifts. This way, if the numbers don’t add up, you can quickly identify the employees on duty at the time the discrepancy occurred. 

Zero Tolerance

You don’t have to run your business with an iron fist. However, company policy should make it clear that theft or tampering of records is immediate grounds for termination. Include in the print that law enforcement may also be called in if an employee is caught stealing.

Limit Building Access

Certain areas should be off limits to employees unless they have permission from management. This is where security personnel come in. They can keep tabs on incoming and outgoing staff. The guard on duty can check the system to ensure an employee entering a room or floor has authorization. The security team at  Squadron Protective Services is trained to monitor customers and employees alike.

Install Cameras

Use surveillance cameras and minimize camera blind spots, especially in the inventory room and points of transactions. Most staff have no issues about being under surveillance; they understand it’s part of the business. 

We Prevent Employee Theft in Oceanside 

Employee theft occurs in all industries, including banks, hospitals, and hotels. Most staffers are honest, but you never know if someone on the payroll has self-serving intentions. The presence of a security guard dissuades employee theft and other unlawful activity.

Helping Prevent Employee Theft At Your Oceanside Business

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