The Advantages of Marked Vehicle Patrol in San Marcos

marked vehicle patrol san marcosThe purpose of security personnel isn’t just about stopping crime. It’s about preventing it from happening in the first place. This is best accomplished with a visibly marked vehicle patrol.

Why a Marked Vehicle Patrol?

A marked security car has a strong physical resemblance to a law enforcement patrol car. This includes the light bars and the markings on the side designating the vehicle as security. 

The presence of a marked vehicle combined with uniformed guards is enough to make burglars and vandals think twice. Remember, people intent on robbing or causing destruction are looking for an easy target. A marked vehicle patrol car is a warning that big brother is watching. Staff and customers will also feel safer when a marked vehicle is in plain view.

Which Industries Can Benefit from Vehicle Patrol?

  • Construction – Deter thieves from stealing expensive equipment or vandalizing homes/facilities under construction.
  • Hotels – Protect your guests, some of whom may be foreigners and seen as easy targets for robbery.
  • Retail – Protect your merchandise from looters that may target the store while it’s closed.
  • Apartments – protect your tenants from prowlers or those not authorized to be on the premises.

Marked vehicle patrolling is also great for parking lots, regardless of industry. Parked cars mean potential carjacking opportunities for petty thieves.

Minimize Liability

Marked patrol cars keep liability to a minimum. The vehicles provide a safety element and also provide a clear go-to source for anyone in distress or requiring assistance. Security can call 911 if there’s a situation that warrants actual law enforcement.

We Patrol Residential and Commercial Property in San Marcos

Send a clear message to would-be law breakers that unlawful behavior isn’t tolerated on your premises. Contact Squadron Protective Services to learn how we can safeguard your property, staff, and customers/tenants. A marked vehicle patrol is an effective deterrent that stops crime before it happens.  Contact us today for more information.

Marked Vehicle Patrol Serving All Industries in San Marcos

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