What To Look For When Hiring An Executive Protection Agent

Do you know that hiring bodyguards for your safety can reduce heinous crimes? And yes, the security industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of $263 billion in 2024.

The current era is about rising illicit activities. Peace of mind indeed comes with the highest level of protection that empowers our lives. Luckily, people have started going the extra mile by ensuring their family, property, or business under strict vigilance. The executive protection agent not just identifies security threats beforehand but also implements the required security measures.

Executive Protection Agent

But before you entrust a bodyguard, you should know if they are worth it. In this blog, we will be discussing the skillset you need to look for in an executive protection agent.

1.   Exceptional Defensive Skills

People these days are exploring new ways to protect their fundamental rights and interests from serious risks and dangers. For example, if you’re a politician or a celebrity, protecting your environs is extremely challenging. People despise you because of your strong influence on their lives and society. In most cases, it is the reason for hatred that ignites people to get out of control and try to harm others in any way possible.

An executive protection agent would quickly deal with these issues with exceptional defensive skills such as martial arts and hand-to-hand combat to deter criminal attacks instantly. They know precisely how to respond to any situation without stumbling for instructions. Because of their quick-witted qualities, it’s easier for them to save lives, assets, and properties.

2.   Rigorous Surveillance

In recent times, surveillance is an excellent way to stop criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, felony, etc. An effective way to curb this menace is to monitor each premise of a facility with the help of executive agents. Having a unique ability to carry out patrolling on the client’s accessible sites reduces the risk of targeted attacks.

They often coordinate with undercover detectives to prevent theft by consumers or staff and assist in the arrest of suspects before the police arrive. In addition, keeping a close eye on the parking lots and other massive locations ensures that the property is safe.

Being an executive protection agent is tough, but they can handle any situation with problem-solving skills and critical thinking. For example, if the agent notices intruders, he will swiftly notify the concerned authorities for further legal action. This way, when you are on your business premises, you will have peace of mind knowing that someone is watching all of the cameras and other activities around the clock.

3.   Excellent Communication Skills

Communication skills are becoming increasingly crucial in our modern society. That is why a strong communicator is imperative in all spheres of business. Of course, this is true in the security world, in which executive agents often experience terrible situations. However, with poor communication skills, it becomes dangerous to tackle incidents carefully with broken speech.

Security officers need to deliver effectively with everyone they meet regularly. So, for example, if they notice someone dubious, they will communicate with them without causing any disruption or fear on the premises.

In certain instances, when working in a team, security agents need to communicate with each other, raising their productivity by almost 25%. This is obvious, particularly during the undercover mission. They need to read the facial expressions, gestures, and body language of each other.

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Also, the customers feel more content if you speak in a calm, confident, yet kind tone of voice. It is especially vital when dealing with upset customers. The capacity to communicate with others and grasp their opinions can help solve even the most challenging problems.

4.   Good Customer Service Experience

An executive guard is liable for the safety and the protection of the customers, whether politician, celebrity or ordinary person. So they need to be helpful to everyone else around them because they are the first line of defense capable of saving people’s lives.

For example, in the case of VIP security, if there are massive riots or protests, the entire team will prepare beforehand to make a strategic gateway with no disruption. With these specialized security protective services, executive guards are personally liable for protecting a particular person regardless of the protestors’ time, place, or route.

A vital part of the security firm’s prestige is to offer the best services to the customers all the time. Interacting with them and solving their security issues is a great way to retain them for the long run. In fact, 68% of customers believe that exceptional customer service results from courteous customer care service.

VIP security

5.   Remarkable Handling of Firearms

The presence of firearms is insufficient in the midst of terrible situations because they can be deadly most of the time. Fortunately, executive agents can handle these situations by continuously focusing on the prevention of unexpected flammable incidents.

First and foremost, the executive officers regularly inspect rooms, facilities, and premises. For example, if fire arises, they have sufficient expertise and experience in dealing with equipment that is more prone to catching fire. Also, with knowledge and experience, they can keep people calm, ensuring that everything goes well without panic.

As an instant solution, they will rescue the building’s residents and help them carefully exit the building. They address other potential risks such as unanticipated equipment failures swiftly to ensure fire safety. After everything gets under control, they give basic details to the concerned fire-fights about the entire case for further investigation.

Executive Protection Agent is a One-Stop Solution for all your Security Concerns

The need to safeguard people and their properties has long prevailed in our society. And the security services sector has reached a market size of $48.1 billion in 2021. But, for now, it has become crucial as the level of threats and attacks is rising at its peak.

The executive protection agents secure the firms, institutions, and people and secure the data and assets. To find a reliable and licensed agent, contact Squadron Protective Services at 760-579-7631. They have world-class first-line defense officers to deter unauthorized activities and counter them with high intellectuals. Witness what they have for you. And never stop protecting yourself because life is priceless!

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