7 Essential Tips for Cargo Theft Prevention

Cargo theft has been a global issue affecting both consumers and businesses over the past few years. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the problem has become extremely severe, causing $15 to $30 billion loss in direct merchandise each year in the United States.

In today’s global economy, shipping has become essential to facilitating worldwide trading. The process of shipping commodities and materials from their production to their final destination supports the modern marketing scale. And the scale of transportation goods is growing with 11 billion tons noted by ship each year.

Cargo Theft Prevention

However, anyone can steal cargo at any stage along the way. And that jeopardizes the integrity and availability of the goods and items. Knowing suitable tactics can help cargo businesses recognize their vulnerabilities and prevent potential cargo theft. Keep reading to see seven essential tips that may help you to prevent cargo theft.

1. Track Your Distribution Warehouse

Monitoring your distribution warehouse is vital to ensure that your shipment does not go misplaced. Unfortunately, defalcation is a significant issue among the distributors since opportunistic thefts can make almost all goods fair. In the United States, the annual cargo stealing facts dictate an estimate of $30 billion where the thieves are neither home-grown nor unorganized. They are utterly sophisticated people, and most people are unable to identify their intentions. However, if you see any inconsistencies, look into them instantly.

Tracking Distribution Warehouse

The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to determine whether the missing stock items were stolen or mislaid. It is imperative to contact an appropriate surveillance security company for prevention.

2. Robust Security Measures

Hire Squadron Protective Services to ensure the establishment of a security culture within the Cargo Transport. A security officer can ask for your name and address if you have discovered trespassing on private property or enclosed land. If you refuse to leave when requested, you may be charged with violating the law. Therefore, a reliable and trustworthy security company can monitor the shipment route’s loading process and illegal activities. Additionally, they can improve the detection and mitigation of risks and threats. It then helps in the protection and handling of goods.

3. Monitor Employees

Ensure that everyone in your team understands that you have negligible policies and strategies for theft and fraudulence. The shipping industries have long experienced susceptibility due to dishonest employees. These unprofessional practices can result in theft of data, robbery of cash, and fraudulent disbursements. To avoid internal theft, hire security personnel who can monitor insulation for employees working inside by functioning as a barrier externally. They can train employees about the moral code of conduct that can spell out the consequences of any transgressions.

4. Secure Perimeter

Do you want to protect your perimeters and buildings? Go ahead and hire some reputable Patrol Security Companies and keep your Cargo business safe from unwanted intruders. Set stations of the security guards on the entrance points and make it convenient for them to trace non-residents who effectively try to enter your property. It is one of the best methods to deter criminals from trespassing before they strike.

Perimeter Security

Security Patrol can further check all the mobile security alarms following regulations and inspect them regularly. During the emergency, they can immediately contact law enforcement if necessary.

5. Verify Documents During Shipping

Document Verification

Choose your transportation suppliers and intermediates with pertinent information and details. Keep in mind that this shipping is in charge of the products from when they leave your premises until they arrive at their destination. To effectively tackle this issue, numerous security firms have begun to offer tailored security services to the current state of privacy. Several nations worldwide have recently enacted legislation and rules to assist shipping corporations in putting armed guards on board their vessels to protect them from theft.

6. Choose Reliable Transportation

Make sure that the cargo supplies process is under strict observation as per the schedule. Choose reliable transportation and intermediates to secure access points. Since the traffic on the U.S transportation system is more than $50 billion worth of freight value on average for trucks only, imagine the intensity of security it needs.

Having Squadron Protective Security guards can be helpful because they can scrutinize photo badges and necessary paperwork. They can validate the identification of drivers and other pick-up information that can develop by having a good working connection with the shippers. Authorized personnel can handle these activities with strict confidentiality and responsibility.

7. Be Extra Attentive

The patrol security guards are the first line of defense to prevent loss on the premises of the cargo transport. Since cargo theft often occurs in the U.S., you should aim to stay safe from losing billions of dollars each year.¬†When unpredictable crimes are more likely to occur at night, the patrol guards are meticulous and cautious since they observe closely to spot unexpected indicators promptly. The security guards at Squadron Protective Security can read a person’s body language to see if they are about to commit a crime. It places them ahead of the game when it comes to combating or deterring crime. Everything gets productive and successful when given strong attention to particular details.

Think Ahead of Time! Prevent Your Cargo Transportation by Working with Reliable Security Companies

It is essential to be cautious of the possible dangers involved in cargo transportation. However, understanding these patterns is an integral part of maintaining cargo security and protection. Since it has severe societal and economic consequences on the development of a country, it would be best to keep a zero-theft rate during the entire Cargo process. By implementing all of the safety procedures, you can remain free of all the trouble.

Get in touch with the security professionals at Squadron Protective Services. Discuss your workplace security requirements and share how we may assist you in protecting your employees and property. Give us a call at (760)292-2899. Several progressive and astute Cargo industries entrust us with the security and management of their facilities. We endure to keep a constant eye out and give our best of the services to the thieves!

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