Property Management Guide To Tenant Security

Do you know that Americans face 3,370 burglaries every day, and 51 percent of them suffer again within a month? While property managers are liable for providing tenants with a sustainable vicinity, they also need to ensure all safety and security. There can be many criminal activities regardless of time, and CCTV cameras are not always prompt enough. One way is to get property management security officers on board and harness the stability.

However, there’s more about tenant security that property managers should know. Let’s read about them:

Potential Security Threats for Tenants

Be it apartment complexes, condos, single units, or any house type. There are always some of these security threats.

1. Burglary

On average, the residents of the United States experience more than a million burglaries in a year. And these break-ins are getting widespread with time. Being a property manager, if you think that keeping a check at night is enough for your security, know that 62 percent of these robberies take place in the daytime.


2. Vandalism

Graffitis, light smashing, broken windows, destroying signage, smashing cars, or other related activities can explicitly traumatize your tenants. And it may be due to previous tenants or some gangsters in the neighborhood. If there are vandalism threats already, you need to hire property management security services that catch these vandals for the penalties and leave your tenants at peace.

3. Loitering

Loitering is disturbed stalking from unknowns that can discomfort tenants and their guests. These people can be drug suppliers, rapists, have an intention to commit prostitution, or other inappropriate activities. However, loitering is not a typical crime but has certain laws that charge the loiter with a penalty or six-month country jail.

What Security Measures Should a Property Manager Take?

1. Install Basic Security Systems

Before welcoming a new tenant to your property, any property manager should double-check the locks, windows, doors, garage, and attics. These are apart from the repairs that you do. Casually visit the property and ensure no area is easy to break in.

Then, one should install motion sensors, security alarms, surveillance cameras, fire alarms, access control systems, deadbolt locks, CCTV cameras in parking lots, smoke detectors, and other bare minimums. These systems keep the residents a step ahead of security concerns, especially burglary. You can also ask for more rent with these security amenities and get a return for your investments.

2. Run Security Checks on Tenants

Many properties experience vandalism due to tenants with a criminal history. It further put the entire neighborhood in jeopardy, and property managers deal with the complaints. Therefore, they should always run criminal checks to ensure any felony conviction or tenant’s name in the sex offender registry. These can also help you with other crucial checks, including credit, employment, rent, and background.

Finalizing a tenant is hectic, and we don’t want you to experience the hassles again and again. By conducting such screening tests, you also reduce the chances of eviction that save you from additional maintenance costs, court costs, filing costs, and turnover rates.

Since the property manager is held liable for any damage in the neighborhood due to their tenants, security checks should be the priority.

3. Hire On-Site Security

Every property requires different levels of security depending on its location, neighborhood, infrastructure, amenities, and other surroundings. Hiring on-site security boosts tenants’ confidence and attracts them to your properties. You can seek help from Property management security services having dedicated and trained forces who patrol at your needed hours. With better criminal sight, they can address any inappropriate acts before you or your tenant do and address the issue in real-time. Depending on your feasibility, these property management security officers can roam around on bicycles, vehicles, foot, or any other option you want.

Hire On-Site Security

Luxury apartments, for instance, need extra security to cater to events, parties, or routine days. And as a property manager, you have to think the best about your tenants.

4. Instruct with Emergencies Action Plan

Every neighborhood should have a typical action plan that needs no further validation in case of an emergency. Whether it’s an apartment or a community, there have to be necessary tools, goals, and measures every resident must know and do. For instance, in case of a burglary, which emergency door should the police or property management security officers use. Or how the neighbors can play their role in any event of a fire. It goes on to a property manager to manage and instruct the new tenants with the existing rules and action plans.

Also, if you can, inspect if the staff (of an apartment) are well familiar with the security systems and new technologies.

5. Distribute Emergency Numbers

Mishaps happen when we least expect them! Burglary, Vandalism, and Loitering are too the same. And most of the time, the tenants cannot dial for help due to a scenario or tension. In such cases, property managers can post emergency numbers at different corners of the house and distribute them among the neighbors. The house in front of yours can clearly see what’s happening through your windows. Pull off the curtains if you suspect any unusual activity or break-in and let your neighbors inspect. You can distribute yours, a local police department, and a nearby property management security services company.

Can Property Management Security Services Really Help?

Security services for property managers have tailored plans for each neighborhood type, and with due experience, they know the red flags before the tenants. Their officers have undergone training, professional appearance, and communication skills to keep the residents at peace and comfort all day long.

Property Management Security

The Take-Aways

Property management is a whole separate responsibility and needs due diligence despite the tenants’ history or neighborhood type. There have been many criminal activities in the news lately, and to save your property from being one of them, taking security measures is crucial in 2021. Alarms and other security systems play a vital role, but certain properties need property management security officers to respond to the mishaps promptly. If you’re looking to take a step forward, feel free to contact Squadron Protective Services and discuss your safety needs for custom security solutions. After all, your life matters the most!

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