Theft Preventions for Auto Dealerships: Role of Car Dealership Security Guard

Do you know that in 2018, 65% of auto dealers failed to monitor their safety systems constantly? The issue is evident due to the absence of the Car Dealership Security Guard in the vicinity.

In recent years, people have seen a vital rise in the automotive market. In contrast to other businesses, it is rapidly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. But, sadly, over the years, criminals have targeted auto dealerships all around the world.

That is why, security and monitoring of employees and customers, auto dealerships, unlike other sectors, confront various hurdles. In every 40.9 seconds, the crime of auto theft is constantly rising in the United States. As a result, there is an increased hype for the Car Dealership Security Patrol Services in today’s era. Of course, almost every dealership firm needs effective preventive measures around the clock.

Car Dealership Security Guard

If you work in the automotive industry, then this blog can assist you better in safeguarding your significant dealership assets.

1. Enforcement of Strict Vigilance in Inventory

The inclusion of a monitoring security system dramatically improves the reliability of the inventory in the automotive industry. Sadly, these CCTV cameras can only enhance vigilance without taking prompt action against the theft. However, knowing what is happening in the inventory is crucial for effective vehicle monitoring and evaluation.

The security guard team’s mere presence helps notify the concerned authorities when they notice anything suspicious. In addition, deploying advanced locks on doors protecting storage rooms decreases the risk of internal theft and break-ins.

For example, Amazon offers several electronic devices, enabling remote monitoring of security systems. In addition, by using the perpetual inventory method, the security guards can keep the record of stock and inventory flow better.

Regular training and education of the employees are also practical to organize and label inventory. It entails that security officers are more cautious from the start to the end of the process to deter unauthorized actions.

2. Strategic Parking of Vehicles

Today, most criminals seek valuable parts of vehicles to sell them in the black market. For example, catalytic converters such as platinum worth $1,500 and rhodium at $6,400 an ounce are costly metals. Because of their rising worth, vehicles have become more prone to thievery.

To prevent this, a well-trained inspection team ensures the strategic position of automobiles. It is extremely vital for security and the prevention of theft. Most of the time, parking cars in the wrong direction can expose them to various criminal threats.

Security guards can set the angle of the parking spaces by circling the valuable cars in the center of the aisles. Although each vehicle needs safety, the expensive ones having valuable metal parts require strict vigilance and care. It entails progress by getting along with these sudden situational changes.

Strategic Parking of Vehicles

When parking each vehicle, the guards assure that the emergency brake is motionless with front wheels turning to the sides. In this way, towing cars can be greatly tough to move, holding them still in one place. From these tactics, it is clear that security guards’ can help you gain limitless benefits without any hassle.

3. Prevention from the Cyber Crimes

Cybercrime rates have surged rapidly in recent years as the auto industry has evolved. That is why, as per the report of the Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime has reached $6 trillion in 2021. Auto dealerships usually gather and maintain authentic and confidential details about their clients for the record.

The risk of a privacy violation to third parties remains a challenging issue. For example, hackers can easily access the dealership’s bank accounts and move funds out of the country using the controller’s username and password.

As an instant response to these data breaches, it is crucial to secure the client’s data besides the firm’s reputation. Since security guards are qualified and competent, they can devise a security breach plan to address this issue successfully. They will train employees and workers to use encrypted passwords regularly. By installing the patches very often, the network becomes resistant to spammers.

Further, there is a severe restriction on opening emails from unknown email addresses to avoid malware. Knowing these potential risks and applying preventive measures right away helps to ensure continual security options.

4. Maintenance of the Electronic System

Poor or dim lighting, particularly at night, can be hazardous to automobile locations. Mostly, thieves operate at night because most of the cameras are monochromatic and do not function adeptly at night. As a result, it is the most suitable time for the thieves to begin their illicit activity. To overcome this, install bright lights that shine well.

Another much more efficient tactic is to hire a Professional Car Dealership Security Guard. Fortunately, they can prevent unexpected breakdowns and electronic accidents instantly. In addition, regular maintenance and inspection of the entire electronic system ensure the safety of the security alarms and installed equipment.

Maintenance of the Electronic System

If asked, they can also build a barrier outside the parking lot, giving an extra hurdle for the trespassers. In addition, it will make driving the vehicles and getting along with them more complex.  As a result, security guards are beneficial to maintain the greatest levels of proactive positional understanding.

Conquer Global Automotive Market by Hiring Effective Car Dealership Security Guard

The automotive sector is rapidly making striking progress globally. Last year, the production of automobiles gave rise to almost 3.4 million in the United States. That is why today, it is the most prominent industry having strategic and developmental plans ahead of time.

Every dealer wants to get more cars off their showrooms and generate maximum revenue and growth. But many hurdles need a quick solution, such as auto theft, vandalism, and others. Based on these issues, you need to have constant protection for all the actions around you.

Hiring Squadron Protective Services for specialized Car Dealership Security Patrolling Services is good for safety and overall protection. These guards can put your mind at ease, ensuring that nothing can go wrong under their careful gaze. Also, they will assist you in developing customized safety strategies for your dealership. So give them a call today at (760) 891-5631 and learn more about their 24/7 patrolling services.

Pursue your ambitions by securing the automotive future!

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