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Theft, vandalism and trespassing at transportation facilities occurs mostly at night and in the early morning hours, and it’s estimated that 16 billion dollars is lost to cargo crime every year in the United States. Transportation and trucking facilities carrying valuable goods in demand by criminals are particularly vulnerable and need a security officer on duty. A security officer logs all vehicles in and out with the proper identification, patrols the property checking gates and other access points, and makes sure cargo and employees are safe and secure.

Assigned to Your Location

The majority of Squadron Protective Service’s security officers are active or retired military who are state trained and certified, and we have additional officers on call in the event your regular security officer is ill or has an emergency.

Armed officers on trucks | Off-duty military personnel
Uniformed armed and unarmed officers at warehouses and distribution centers

Squadron Protective Services provides high quality security by a professional team, with a main mission of providing the utmost in security and safety while serving with the highest professionalism and courtesy.

Transportation Security – Security Guard & Vehicle Patrol

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