Verified Security Guard & Vehicle Patrol Services

Electronic Guard Tour System

The Electronic Guard Tour System provides digital proof to clients that our services were rendered.  This proven touch-memory technology documents the exact date, time and location of our vehicle or foot patrol inspections, ensuring quality of service and providing clients with consistent verification that services were performed.

How the Guard Tour System works

Verified Security | Guard & Vehicle Patrol | Squadron Protective ServicesWe identify patrol checkpoints with you, then locate electronic buttons at each one for our security officers to touch at specified times during their patrol inspections. This system keeps an electronic record of our patrol and provides an on-the-spot incident reporting record. A detailed report is made available to clients on a monthly basis or upon request.
Squadron Protective Services security supervisors carry a Timekeeping Guard Tour System PIPE as well, which ensures reliable security officer supervision and fully documents all supervisor post-inspections. This electronic documentation allows supervisors to continually monitor security officers, and provide clients with an electronic fingerprint record of the supervisor’s activity.

How supervisor post-inspection works

Property Management Security | Guard & Patrol | Squadron Protective ServicesUpon arrival at your facility, the supervisor touches his or her Timekeeping Guard Tour System PIPE to a permanently-affixed electronic button at your site to record the date and time of the post-inspection. During the post-inspection, the security officer supervisor will inspect your assigned security officer’s uniform and personal appearance, and discuss his or her patrol orders.
The security officer supervisor will ensure your security officer is completing his or her written report, and that it is up to the hour. At the end of the post-inspection, the security officer supervisor touches the electronic button again to record the elapsed inspection time and any specific activities performed during the post-inspection. Information is then downloaded to create the supervisor inspection report to be provided to the client daily.

Elite Security Guard & Vehicle Patrol Services

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