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From perimeter security to prevention of theft or vandalization, Squadron Protective Services can help manage the security needs of your large or small warehouse or distribution center. Whether managing traffic at gate accesses, reading manifests, verifying drivers, vendors or visitors or inspecting cargo, if you don’t have a security program in place, we can develop one for you.

Professionally Trained Management Team

During and/or after business hours, our professionally trained management team has over 45 years’ experience providing the best security solutions.

Our Security Pledge

Our security officers is comprised of active military and retired security officers, that are assigned to your location. They are state trained and certified. We have security officers on call, in the event, the regular security officer is illness, or have other emergencies.

Off Duty Military Personnel | Uniformed Armed and Unarmed Officers
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The mission of Squadron Protective Services is to provide the utmost in security and safety while serving with highest professionalism and courtesy.
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