What to Do After a Storage Facility Break-In

Squadron Protective ServicesFor storage facility owners, safeguarding customers’ belongings is their first and foremost priority. Nevertheless, even with cameras and barbed wired fences, storage facility break-ins can still occur. Should a burglary take place at your facility, you’ll need to take swift action.

Follow Procedure

Your company should have a standard operating procedure in place should a break-in occur. Aside from the obvious like calling the police, you also need to notify tenants whose storage was broken into. They’ll need to file an incident report even if nothing was taken. They should also be taken through the process for filing an insurance claim.

Consider Notifying All Tenants

Many commercial facilities only notify tenants whose storage was targeted. For transparency purposes, though, you may choose to inform every tenant. This can be via email or traditional mail with details of the account and recommendations on how they can better protect their stored possessions (e.g. cut-proof locks, locks with un-duplicable keys). If you don’t notify tenants and they find out, it can harm your company’s reputation.

Upgrade Security Measures

How did the burglar gain access? Was the chain link fence cut? Are there blind spots not covered by cameras? Some break-ins are also committed by tenants who rent storage space for the sole purpose of gaining access to the facility and checking out the layout.

Improve storage facility security by:

  • Using wrought iron fencing in place of a chain link fence
  • Installing panoramic cameras to eliminate blind spots
  • Instructing staff members to keep a look out for suspicious activity, such as tenants taking pictures of the facility.

Hire Security Guards

Thieves want an easy target, and the presence of a live security patrol is often enough to deter them from targeting your center. On-site security will drastically reduce the probability of a storage facility break-in for this reason alone. In Carlsbad, Escondido, Oceanside and San Marcos, contact Squadron Protective Services for top-quality security service at your storage facility.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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