What to Look for in a Daily Activity Report

daily activity report, security reportCompanies that hire on-site security should expect a daily activity report. It communicates what the security personnel observe and makes note of any suspicious activity. What should you expect and scan for in the completed report?

What Is a Daily Activity Report?

A daily activity security report is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a written report submitted after a shift that outlines what took place within the patrolled premise. Companies that require a daily activity report have their own expectations of what the report should include, its layout, format, etc. Reports may be written with pen and paper, though these days most reports are submitted digitally.

A reputable security service trains their personnel to submit reports daily and on-demand.

What a Daily Activity Report Should Include

Every company has its own guidelines for a formal, written, daily activity report. More or less, the guidelines include these provisions.

  • Date: Timestamped reports are crucial because they can be presented as evidence in court when prosecuting a trespasser.
  • Arrival and departure times: This includes the actual time personnel arrive and leave, and not the scheduled arrival and departure. No rounding off times.
  • Shift Start Notes: There should be a section allotted for the security personnel to log in required details. This includes the shift start/end time, supervisor instructions, and task list of the day.
  • Image and Video Files: Because most reports are submitted digitally, personnel can also attach timestamped audio and video files.
  • Deviations from the Norm: Incident reporting isn’t limited to suspicious activity. It also includes oddities, such as safety hazards, unexpected visitors, and unlocked doors that are supposed to be locked.

We Submit Professional Daily Activity Security Reports

Whether residential or commercial, we submit daily activity reports with every shift change. Contact Squadron Protective Services today for on-premise security patrol. The daily activity reports we submit ensure that you are always in the know.

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