Why Security Lighting Matters for Your Escondido Business

security lighting escondidoLighting is a huge security component in the evening hours. It’s a strategic way to safeguard your facility. Learn about the best way to install security lighting and how to maximize its effect as a deterrent against would-be criminals.

What’s the Purpose of Security Lighting?

Light is a deterrent for thieves. Burglars use the darkness as concealment, while light leaves them visible. Security lighting is common in facilities like car dealerships, banks, and construction zones, which store high-cost items desirable to burglars.

Beyond a deterrent, the light provides visibility for the night crew that may include custodians, night-shift employees and security personnel. 

While there are concerns that security lighting is bad for the environment, most modern lighting systems utilize energy-efficient LEDs. The lighting is also only turned on to about 70% of its normal-use capacity.

Best Locations for Lighting


The front and back doorways are the main entry points a burglar will tinker with first. Use motion sensors or floodlights to brightly illuminate the area. The light’s beam should be wide enough so adjacent windows are also illuminated.

Outdoor Areas

Walkways and patios provide hiding spots. These spots may also have tripping hazards. Lighting these sections eliminates concealment zones and also provides illumination for personnel accessing these areas in the evening.


Does your business have a garage or overhead door in the back? This is another viable entry point. Burglars may specifically target the garage because there are likely to be valuables like expensive commercial tools and automotive parts. These items sell like hotcakes on the black market.

We Help Businesses Install Security Lighting

Darkness and low-lit areas are a thief’s greatest assets. Squadron Protective Services consults businesses in security lighting and installation. Contact us today and take the first step in safeguarding your facility from unwanted intrusion.

On-Site Security Lighting and Overnight Surveillance

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